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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Making memories

The Drive-in is a near extinct experience.  There are not too many our state maybe only 3-4.
Its sad that one day the drive-in will only exist in history books.

There is one about an hour from us here. Its very family oriented, no movies over PG-13, pets welcome, bring your own food and you can even bring a small propane grill to make dinner!  I've seen people bring folding tables and chairs and serve dinner out of a crock pot.  We've brought dinner in a crock pot ourselves a time or two. It's like a small community that sets up for just a few hours.  If someone bigger than you arrives and blocks your view, you can pack up and move a spot or two to clear your view.

We make a real point to go several times during the summer. Sure we could show up, find an available spot and watch the movie sitting in our car....but....that's not what we do.  We pack the car like we are leaving for the weekend.  Lawn chairs, cooler, bug spray, blankets, speakers, bags of treats, games.....STUFF.

Sit in the car? Noooo.....not us.

We arrive near the time the gates open so we can pick a good spot, away from lights, near the bathrooms.  The car is backed into the chosen spot, tailgate open and layered with blankets and cushions for the kids.  A cooler is packed with beverages, fruit, candy and whatever baked treats I came up with.  Mr and I sit in our lawn chairs with the kids old toddler ones in front of us as foot rests.  This year we may even have an extra speaker hooked up to put on the ground in front of us to enhance the sound. Blankets and sweatshirts come out as the air gets chilly and everyone slowly gets doused in bug spray.  If the night is clear, we point out shooting stars and that the refinery off in the distance looks like a sparkling crystal city.....which is so opposite of what it is.  But at night, from far away, it is beautiful.

Its always at least a double feature.  This weekend it's the Avengers and Mission Impossible.  Great combo!  Lots of adventure and explody scenes on the huge screen!  Most often the night ends with me waking up to realize I didn't see 70% of the second movie and giggles that mom was snoring.  The kids fall asleep in the back and we don't arrive back home until near 3am.  We all fall into bed exhausted but having had the best night.

Saturday night will be this years first venture out for what looks to be this drive-in's last season.  Memories in the making.  One day when the kids are grown we'll be telling their kids about how we used to drive far away just to watch movies outside.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend.  We are all excited about the first trip out.  I'm baking like crazy so we have fun treats.  I'm not telling what though cuz I know my Mr will be reading and the surprise will be ruined. :)

Blessings to you for a multitude of memory making opportunities,
the Mrs.

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