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Monday, November 14, 2011

weigh in Monday - 3

I think I'll theme up my Monday posts.  It's going to be what I'm thinking about anyway...

This weeks goal..............ACCOMPLISHED!    -2.2!    YAY!

It feels so good to have my hard work pay off!

I changed a few things up this week.  I actually got on the treadmill 2x a day several days last week.  Don't go having crazy thoughts that I like the treadmill or anything.  I do not.   BUT as a part of improving my efficiency and productivity (as well as taking my mind captive) I don't turn on the TV at all during the day.  Mr won an iPad last year and we have a Netflix account.  So I prop up the iPad on the console, plug in my headphones and work my way through a TV series - hour long shows, which after the commercials are edited out end up being about 44-46 minutes long.  It gives me something to look forward to and I have to be on the treadmill to watch!

Currently I can get up to 3.2mph.  I go between a light jog or a fast walk, I have to hold on most of the time just to keep myself in the center but I actually sweat.    I usually follow it up with wii boxing (12-13 minutes).  Yesterday I pulled out a wii game My Fitness Coach, that I had totally forgotten that I had.  Kicked my butt. My legs were total jello when I was done.....and it was a CORE workout!  HA!

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout is the one I really, really want!  Mostly because it focuses on boxing.

Anyway.  As I was folding laundry this week I was chatting with the Lord and wondering what quantity He designed the stomach to actually hold from one meal.   I know that there are statistics and stories about stomachs being stretched from over eating and that it is supposed to expand a bit at meal time, then there is the reduction issue....but what was it really designed to hold?  How much, in quantity - not calories, quality or points but in actual volume/weight?   I had just eaten lunch and while I only ate 7 points I realized that I shouldn't have eaten the container of raspberries I did at the end.  About 20-30 minutes later I was beyond comfortably full and had that "I ate too much" feeling.   So this started me thinking and talking.  In general, even if its healthy, we can consume too much food.

So I googled and basically found that a healthy human stomach should only hold about 20 oz or 1 liter.  WOW.  Think about that!  If you are eating fast food, your drink alone is probably that much!  Then, consider that the carbonation actually expands your stomach.   On top of that who knows how much the burger and fries weigh, not to mention the calories.

So.....guess what I bought.

Yup......I bought a food scale.  I already had one of those little tiny plastic ones but it only went up to 12oz.  This one goes up to 5 lbs I think.  It zeros out so you don't have to count plates or bowls, which is handy.  So I've added this to my food routine.  To keep me aware of what I'm consuming and making sure it's not excessive - despite zero points.   

Extra workouts.
Measuring portions and counting points.
Weighing meals.
3 20oz bottles of water a day
2 cups of loose-leaf green tea a day.....okay I'm trying on this one but am not consistent.
And most helpful of all - Mr is helping me avoid temptation by not enabling me.  Random suggestions to pick up food on the way home - even if everyone is starving - have stopped.  He has quieted outbursts for spontaneous trips to the ice cream shop.  He has been SO wonderful to listen to what I need to keep going....which has more to do with what NOT to say than what TO say.  That has been so incredibly helpful!

Total lost since October 24th: 6.8
Total left to lose by April 16th: 43.2
Week #3 done.  Hooray -2.2!  But now I leave you behind and focus on the next -2. 

Blessings to you for a motivated and encouraging week, 
the Mrs.


  1. 2.2 WOOHOO! What was your actual goal? Mine is always the same 2 pounds per week. I usually fall short, but not by much. It feels so good! That key chain is a chincey piece of junk, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!! As of yesterday I am down 23.something since August 2nd. I had lost the week before I started, so for a total I am down 25.5 I am just now starting to feel like I have lost weight.
    I really need a scale, but the ww one is too expensive. Where did you get yours? I looked at Walmart a couple weeks ago and they had none!
    Great job on the workouts and weight loss! I am cheering for you!!!!!!

  2. Thank you! My actual goal is 2 lbs per week so to hit just over that is great! I'm so happy for you that you got your key chain! Junk or not its a mark of accomplishment! WOW! 25.5 is GREAT!! I'm down a total of 18 since I started WW but since my highest weight a few years ago....I think I'm down a total of 30. I'm trying to keep that in the back of my head as an internal encouragement but I'm not really counting that. :) The scale I have we got at Target. It's digital and tracks your weight (for up to 4 people) and lets you input a goal, so it tracks how much you lose! It also keeps 5 days worth of memory.
    This is the one we have:
    I don't remember spending that much but I was tired of them maybe I was like 6 years ago though.
    Here is one that operates similar but is cheaper:

    I'm surprised that Walmart wouldn't have one! Weird! Thanks so much for all the encouragement!!! :)

  3. LOL I meant a FOOD scale, like the one in your post! :P


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