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Monday, January 30, 2012

weigh in Monday 13 - still learning lessons

Like when someone else is tired and stressed, don't join them in onion ring heaven and join them in stress eating.  Perhaps when the family indulges in ice cream (single scoops all around...wait, dad got two scoops) you can have that treat too but DON'T EAT IT ALL IN ONE SITTING.   When you go out to eat and you know you are a banana first so you don't eat more than half of that personal pizza you know you are going to order...  It certainly isn't wise to not be counting points when you know that temptation is around.   

And above all.....don't do all that in a matter of 3 days right before weigh in!  Stupid mistakes.  Not just for my own sake but I could have been more supportive of my stressed out, over worked hubby and found a way to encourage him without enabling dinners of wings and onion rings and various other comfort food that was happening.   No, I'm not taking blame, he made his own choices.  But as partners in life and weight loss I could have been more encouraging of other choices for him at a time of weakness.  I could have had smaller portions of what I did eat and still enjoyed them.....maybe even more.

So, not surprisingly, I find myself at a +.8 this week.   In the long term I see I am SOOO painfully off target for achieving my long term goal by April 16.  I'm not even at the halfway mark yet and I should be past it.  

Dwelling on where I am not, doesn't help though does it?  Nope!  And that's why I don't.  I see where my mistake was.  I see where I precariously dangled off the wagon but I can still pull myself back up.  This week I need to apply what I learned from last weeks mistakes.  Mr is still going to be stressed and over worked...that isn't likely to change all of a sudden.  The Superbowl is this weekend and my Dude's birthday is the same day!  Celebration, temptation and nurturing my boys - I need to keep myself on track which doesn't mean not participating, but planning ahead.  

I did workout last week.  I didn't drink enough water.  I did well in my housework.  I didn't do well in my tracking.

This week:  

Blessings to you for a mindful and fruitful week!
the Mrs.


  1. My week was so stressful and I ate my way through the last half of it, undoing all the good I did at the beginning of it! I did workout, and tracked half the week....I ate out too many times (like 5!) and I am dreading my weigh in tomorrow. I will be shocked not to have a 2 pound+ gain.
    Like you said, it does not do any good to focus on the failures....looking ahead to the next week of successes!

  2. So sorry you had such a stressful week! Though in this journey to lose it's interesting how much more easily we identify those things that trigger eating isn't it? We are losing pounds but gaining wisdom! :) YES! Be determined for this week to be on track! You can do it Bren! :)


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