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Thursday, November 3, 2011

detox water

yep, I'm going to bring up Pinterest again.    I ran across something originally by Jillian Michaels - of Biggest Loser fame - that she recommended for getting rid of bloat and helping with the weight loss process.
It's easy to make and drink.  Though, when I saw it posted it did not specifically describe how much tea and the reviews were that the drink was bitter.    The ingredients are simple, dandelion tea, cranberry juice, lemon juice  and water. 
simple!.....but not the bananas... 
More specifically: I steeped one cup of Dandelion tea (found in the tea isle at Target for me).  2 Tablespoons of cranberry juice (no sugar), and 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice.  Mix this then add water to total 64 oz.  I use a 2 liter pitcher that I keep in the fridge and a reusable water bottle that I fill through the day.

The water has some light flavor but nothing too strong.  I have to share though that when I am drinking this regularly, I feel so good.  I can't explain it but I can feel a difference.  I mentioned this to my hubby who laughed and said "well, duh, you are detoxing your body.....of course you'd feel healthier."  Yup, straight to the true.

So here is one more way to get enough water in through the day, its less boring than plain water and more healthy than some packet of powdered chemicals.   Yes, you do pee more....cuz I know you were wondering.   Though when I drink this more often it levels out and I just feel GOOD. Though you do have to make a new batch every day since technically you are supposed to drink the whole pitcher each day.

I've got almost two bottles done (mine are 20 oz).   I jumped on the treadmill this morning for at least 25 minutes and then did some wii boxing.  My arms are sore from 2 days in a row of boxing but it's a good kinda sore.   I can totally feel myself crashing right now.....I haven't had any green tea today and I slept awful last night.   I think I fully woke up each time I was weird.

My brain won't focus on anything for long today so, I just thought I'd stop by and share this little tid bit since I made a pitcher today.

Have a great day!
the Mrs.

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