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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

today is brought to you by the letter T

This morning my son left for his school Trip.  He is such a laid back kid.  He has never been nervous for anything.  He is always ready for an adventure and I always have to say "Hey! You can't go without hugging me goodbye!"  He always laughs at me. :)   First day of preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade or first time off to camp...every time I got a casual "bye mom!" and I had to tell him to hug me.   Now at 10, he's done this enough that I too am fairly casual about it.  I still require a hug but I thought it was quite funny that every adult I encountered this morning thought that I should be a mess.   My thoughts are that I am getting a mini vacation, I can work on the abundant list of projects and Christmas shopping to be done and in the evenings, we get to actually see what it's like to not have kids!  Every parent needs refreshment, we just take ours however it is offered.

Next I helped my dad bring his Christmas Tree out of storage, along with all his decorations.  As he gets older the help is much appreciated and so much easier on him.  Now he will work his way through setting things up as he has the time.

At lunch I made myself a Tasty veggie sandwich!  I toasted a sandwich flat in the oven (little spray of oil and a sprinkling of Mrs Dash Table blend and garlic powder), layered it with mayo, thin sliced dill pickle, cucumber, lettuce, spinach and tomato.  YUM!

When it was time to change so I could workout, I found that a particular puppy (she's a year old Yorkie) had hidden Terds under our bed.  Needless to say I was none too pleased and she was in quite a bit of Trouble. She tends to either hid the evidence or eat it......either way it's gross.   Of our three dogs she fits a "youngest child" descriptor....wild, crazy and always into trouble.  We never had this much trouble with the older two.

Once that was cleaned up I headed straight for the Treadmill to try and accomplish ONE thing that this day was supposed to do.   The whole first day is gone and not one thing in my house got done.

Time to shower and get ready for my Mr and my WonderTeen to come for dinner.  Tonight's menu: Stuffed shells!  I'm looking forward to it.   After, it will be list making time.  ToDo and ToShopFor.  

Tomorrow is a new day and it's full of possibilities!

Blessings to each of you for a beautiful and peace filled night,
the Mrs.

Monday, November 28, 2011

weigh in Monday - 5 GOAAAAAAAL kinda

This morning was less awesome than I had hoped but awesome none the less.
I had a -1.2 BUT I hit FINALLY and for the first time my 10%!!!!   Yep, I got a splash of purty stars on my screen saying I'd reached my 10% goal and actually went a little past it!

Didn't hit my -2 goal, since I didn't hit goal it's time to reflect on why.

Thanksgiving?  Nope...didn't over eat.   I did however make a significant change in my diet this week and ended up finding myself with more than 50% of my daily points after 5pm.  So, cramming that many points in at the end I think may have botched things a bit in the 2nd half of my week.  This week I hope to figure that out better and if I'm satisfied and not hungry, I won't be freaking out about eating all my points.  If I have left over then they will just have to sit there.  I will not starve or die if I don't eat all my points.

What does my grocery list look like?
I usually go to 4 stores to get my shopping done.

Here's what I got since my list is probably illegible.  
TJ's (Trader Joe's)
Carrots, mushrooms, english cucumbers, spinach (in a bag), bag of avocados
Pesto, hummus, rice, rice pasta
1/2 & 1/2 
organic popping corn
jar of sundried tomatoes
Tapioca pudding
Organic Midnight Moo (chocolate sauce)

Cauliflower, Broccoli, celery, bananas, lettuce, clementines 
english muffins

Super Target
Simply Lemonade and Orange juice
Chips: Tostitos and Sunchips (original)
Walnut oil
Frozen peaches
Paper lunch sacks (to make the popcorn in the microwave! Pinterest!)

coconut milk
sweet potato (2 to try)
Roasted Red Peppers

We buy meat in bulk usually so I already have that for the family in the freezer and don't ordinarily buy it anyway.  For this week - this is what I got.  I already have some things but several things on the list are things that I wouldn't ordinarily have on hand.  I might pick something up here or there later but this isn't too out of the ordinary of a list for me.  The way they will combine will be the difference I guess.

Today's lunch:  1 cup Basmatti rice medley (from Trader Joes) made in the rice maker with chopped celery.  1/4 cup black beans, 1/2 cup homemade spaghetti marinara and 1/2 a mozzarella cheese stick pulled apart on top.   Points: 8

Stat roundup so far:
Total lost: 19.8 since starting WW
Lost since revamped goals: 8.8
Left to go: 20 weeks and 41.2 lbs......if I did my math right....
Total inches lost: 11.5 (combined)

Blessings to you all this week!
the Mrs.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

changes on my plate

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope your celebrations were filled with joy, family and fun!

My "less meat" adventure has begun.  On my Thanksgiving plate I had a pile of green beans, 2 fork fulls of mashed potatoes, cauliflower and about 2 ounces of turkey breast.....I think this was the first thanksgiving I that I felt both satisfied and "healthy" at the end.....meaning I didn't feel tired or like I was going to explode.

Though I have realized that meat in some way shape or form has been the bulk of my points in a day.  Taking meat out has brought me a new "point" challenge in my Weight Watchers journey.  Yesterday I found myself having 19, of my 29 total points for the day, left to use for DINNER.  I was hungry but not that hungry.  So I have some things to figure out....besides the change in my grocery list so I can get some new ingredient staples into the house.   I can say that while I haven't gone 100% meat free in the last 3 days, I do feel really good.

Flexitarian.  My new word.  I had no idea this term existed.  But now that I do, it probably most accurately describes my changing approach to food.    Food and I have an interesting relationship.  It's certainly something that we can't just stop consuming.  We must eat to live.  There is no choice here.   When the very thing that is required for life is the very thing that is ripping your body apart.....things get interesting.  For the last 3 years I have "cleaned" our grocery list.  There are a few random items that still come into the house for family members or the occasional treat but for the most part, things are made from scratch.  Ingredient lists are read for every item purchased - I do mean every item.

I have a list of around 100 ingredients that I cannot consume.  When I say "ingredient" I do not mean "milk" or  "tree nuts", I mean when you purchase table salt there is an ingredient list.   When you purchase milk, cheese, chicken, a can of beans or a package of organic anything.....there is an ingredient list.  Yes, did you know that your meat actually has a list of ingredients?   I nearly had a meltdown in the meat isle when I realized that....and then completely swore off any and all Jennie-O products as they made me want to cry and curse at the same time.

3 years ago I was couch bound and incapacitated for months and doctors had no idea why.  Thanks to the Lord providing me a trail of breadcrumbs to follow, I was able to shuffle my way to an answer.  Food was making me sick.  I was in so much pain doctors initially thought I was quickly developing rheumatoid arthritis. My speech was slurred and I couldn't think clearly.  My joints hurt so badly that some days I couldn't even hold the spoon to feed myself the food my husband had cut up for me.

So now, I'm 35, I've figured out the things that I can and cannot eat.  Which also includes how they are slow roasting, no crock pot cooking and no fermented foods.  Inviting me to a dinner party isn't really something people usually want to tackle....or at least I discourage it.  Frankly people don't realize the complexity of what goes into me being able to eat food that won't cause me to have a reaction (or at least 1 of the 18 different reactions I can have).  When people ask for a list they expect me to give them a list of maybe five different foods not a list of 100 ingredients that can be found in food.

Most people who hear a little about my food sensitivities think its some sort of crazy lady, food conspiracy, oh my gosh don't stand too close, she might just stab you with a carrot thing.   Once they hear that when I took all the ingredients out of the house my family started to develop sensitivities to the ingredients as well....they pause to rethink....but only for a moment.   If, if, they have a desire to learn more - and lets be honest, it's always the mom's - I will email them the information I have compiled.  Once they have read through that and their eyes and minds are open....they start asking me questions, often.

I'm totally un-intimidated by this new foody adventure.  I am looking forward to feeling even better than I do, looking even better and perhaps increasing the speed of my weight loss as an added bonus (but my focus is still only on those 2 pounds per week).  I only eat whole grain, whole wheat bread if I have purchased it myself because anything "enriched" or containing a corn product will cause a reaction.  No soy products what-so-ever, they all cause a reaction and I've read some things about how soy is processed in the body and while it may be good for skin care it is not good for human consumption (I also can't eat animals who have eaten a diet of mostly corn and soy products).  But I can't source those sites for you right now because it was long ago and in the many, many, many different resources I've used over the brain just cannot file it all.  Nothing fermented - so no yogurt or vinegar...we'll see what else that may include, like miso paste...I'm not trying that one.

In the long run, this may just simplify how I eat by taking out the one large, questionable, category I've had to deal with.  Organic grass fed beef is expensive so I have a feeling we will be saving some money in the future.

My hubby is a self-proclaimed "meatatarian" and he has no fear of me trying to convert him but my journey with food has opened his mind to a lot of things.   IF he chooses to join me, great!  But for now it will just be me, figuring this out, for me.

If anyone out there is interested, here are some things I have found in the last few days that might be helpful: (Please forgive my blogger incompetence in not knowing how to insert their page graphics)

Blessings for the journey He has you on, 
the Mrs.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a mixed bag

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I've been planning a post about preparing our homes for more than the holidays.  Touching on how scripture and prayer in our homes goes beyond art and ritual and the effect it has on the people   who live and enter into our space.  Life on the other hand has offered some distractions....

The Dude has been fighting this cold bug for what seems like an eternity.  A few days of a light cough and sore throat (no trace of a fever), a tummy ache here and there and then he's feeling better and back to normal.....until a few days later.  This has been going on for about 2 weeks.  Not one symptom has raised the doctor flag so we've treated with rest, juice and some elderberry and zinc lozenges...a little echinacea dropped in his apple juice and then he's raring to go again.  Until this week.  Stayed home from school yesterday.  Today he tells me that he feels way better and his throat doesn't hurt so much anymore.....and TODAY he actually has his first fever!  Granted it's only 99.5 but still.   How weird is that!?  I'm foregoing the fever reducing meds today so that hopefully this fever will kick those germs to the curb for good finally.

On top of that I now feel strange....kinda nauseated and blah.   I'm hoping it's just some phase in my cycle and not an actual illness.   Wouldn't that just figure though....the day before thanksgiving?  Wouldn't be the first for me.  It's actually happened several times where I've missed some holiday because I've gotten sick and because I am so careful (probably too much so) about germs and passing them on to people.    I do not appreciate when people assume that the rest of the world has no issue with the simple cold and put no care into who might catch it.   

I learned how important this was when my mother went through chemo and was so susceptible to germs....I've also had plenty of my own health issues and tend to pretty much catch anything I encounter.  So simply because I so appreciate when others are careful, I do the same.  Or at least try my best!

One of my favorite tricks is that when someone gets sick around here they get their own bathroom towel.  One towel goes up over the shower curtain and the other goes on the towel rod.  When the kids were little they got those Velcro towels for the stove, on the inside doorknob to the bathroom.  I also separate the toothbrushes into glasses with water mixed with either hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.   Those things have helped immensely in containing illnesses.

Yesterday I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives it's about an hour and 30+ minutes.....I watched the whole thing on the treadmill.  It was SO interesting I believe I totally forgot my legs were moving.  So now I'm totally considering eating less meat. was THAT compelling that me, someone who believes that bacon is "meat candy" is considering phasing out meat.   I do not plan on forcing my family into this but I do hope to start incorporating some vegetarian meals or at least something they can use as a side dish to start experimenting.   With the genetics I have inherited for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other things...I feel I should take the science presented in the film seriously.   I've already phased out chemicals and processed foods so this shouldn't be too hard....over time.  Nothing happens over night.

Time for a walk on the mill....nothing too strenuous since I'm not feeling 100%.  I've got a goal to hit people!  

Blessings for a beautiful thanksgiving and an overwhelming awareness of how truly blessed you are, 
the Mrs.

Monday, November 21, 2011

weigh in Monday - 4 grr arg but YAY!

Happy Monday!

So....weigh in today didn't go as well as I'd hoped BUT it went in the right direction.  Baby steps, right people?
Today was a whopping .8 loss.....I was tempted to re-weigh myself 30 minutes later to see if I could eek out another .2 and at least say it was a full pound way that timing would have allowed that this morning.

BUT! Wait there's more!

What I did realize is that my .8 has brought me down to my lowest WW weight to date!  Can't believe I'm putting this out there but wiser people with math skillz could probably put it together without much effort.  Grr arg, I am .6 shy of my 10%!  BUT...
That means I have lost a total of .........(yes I'm getting out my calculator, stop laughing) 18.4 lbs!  yeah....I'm currently 173.6.

I can remember the last time I weighed that.  I can remember the day clearly when I stepped on a new scale in a blue bathroom and saw 177 and nearly fell over.....right after I checked to see that it was working correctly and stepped on the scale about 3 more times.

YAY!  I'm almost at 10% and will KICK that goal in the rear as I charge past it this week!  YAY!  I now weigh less than I did when I realized that I'd gone past "gaining a few pounds" and officially reached fat.  (I know for many, that is not what it means for YOU - lets not focus on numbers - for my frame and height 5'3, this IS what it means FOR ME).  I look forward to the day that I'm not in an "obese" category.

For now I am celebrating the little the fact that I am SO close to wearing size medium tops....that I can thrift for clothes easily and actually find things in my size!  Cuz seriously....who doesn't like both clothes and crazy cheap prices?  I can say "gosh I so need a belt or I'm going to lose my pants" and actually mean it.   I can give away clothes because they are TOO BIG!

Slowly but surely, I am getting there, step by step.

On to a whole other YAY.  A parental one.   Yesterday at church we were proud blubbery parents.  We attend a very small, second campus church.  It's only a year and a half old and the congregation is maybe at 100 on a good day.  Sunday school classes are small and the upper grades have a max of 6-8 kids in 3-5th grade.  Our Dude is in 5th grade and has become the class pray-er....for lack of a better term.  We were asked to start working with him to formulate a prayer to be prayed over the Operation Christmas Child shoe-boxes they were assembling.  I showed him an example and then he wrote his own prayer on a note card.  Before service started he showed his teacher and the worship leader overheard their conversation.  He asked to read it and then asked if he could read it to the congregation before the children were dismissed to class.

We had both already read the prayer, we had already told him how proud we were of him.  But then the worship leader prefaced his reading the Dude's little purple note card with how important it is to listen to the children.  How he had overheard the conversation and asked if he could read it to everyone.  The Spirit moved as he read it and we both welled up as our son ran up on stage at the end to get his note card back and go to class.  Our son's commentary......"Its a pretty special day for me."

I will leave you with this angelic prayer for the day...typed with errors and everything. :)

Dear God,   Thank you for putting Christ in our bodys with generousity and Grace.  Please help our gifts show them the love of Jesus.  So that they will be able to give you thanks no matter what. Help us do the same.  Thank you for all you have done for us.         Amen.

Blessings of the warm gushy variety,
the Mrs.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

and I was doing so well....

...okay so I just missed is Wednesday right? feels like a lot longer has gone by since Monday.

Today my son his home sick from school.   Nothing big but when I ask the question "do you think you can make it through a whole day at school?"  and his answer is "no".  I know he really isn't feeling well.   He is the most honest straight forward kid I have ever met.  If he didn't want to go to school, he'd say "I don't want to go but I am not sick enough to stay home, I can go."  Not kidding.   This boy epitomizes "rule follower" the letter.   I love it and him.  It can be amazing, frustrating, inspiring and hysterical to have such and honest and literal child.....I wonder if this is what I was like as a kid?

Anyway.....I have gotten my workout in for the day and even made a trip to Goodwill to search for "sock hop" clothes for Mr.  I think I may have found something but not entirely sure.   I did however find a few tops for myself while I was there.   It is the coolest feeling to go through a random rack of clothes and know that SOMETHING will fit and flatter!  It's not such a huge search anymore!   I can shop pretty much anywhere right now.   No need for a special "plus size" store or section anymore!

Currently I'm able to wear a top in a size Large - sometimes a Medium! (that's down from a pre-weight watchers size 14/16)  I don't know numbers yet tho...   Jeans or pants....I'm not entirely sure yet.   I have one pair of jeans that actually fit and look nice on, they are a size 15 from the Jr's department (which is down from a 16/18 in the plus size stores).  

I am short and carry all my weight in the middle on top of chicken legs - picture a tomato on toothpicks.

The waist area is taking its sweet time in melting but there are beginning to be signs that there really is a rib cage under there!   I still have no waist or hips to speak of....really more of a block.  BUT that will change in time! :)

So there's my check in for the day.  I'm struggling to stay on track and get things done in a timely manner but working out is throwing things off.  Mr told me in no uncertain terms that I am not to put housework before working out.  My priority is supposed to be me and whatever I need to do to keep going and he will help with whatever doesn't get done.  Isn't he sweet!

Time to hit the showers and get ready for him to come home with Wonder Teen.  It's our weekly Wednesday night visit before she goes to church.

the Mrs.

Monday, November 14, 2011

weigh in Monday - 3

I think I'll theme up my Monday posts.  It's going to be what I'm thinking about anyway...

This weeks goal..............ACCOMPLISHED!    -2.2!    YAY!

It feels so good to have my hard work pay off!

I changed a few things up this week.  I actually got on the treadmill 2x a day several days last week.  Don't go having crazy thoughts that I like the treadmill or anything.  I do not.   BUT as a part of improving my efficiency and productivity (as well as taking my mind captive) I don't turn on the TV at all during the day.  Mr won an iPad last year and we have a Netflix account.  So I prop up the iPad on the console, plug in my headphones and work my way through a TV series - hour long shows, which after the commercials are edited out end up being about 44-46 minutes long.  It gives me something to look forward to and I have to be on the treadmill to watch!

Currently I can get up to 3.2mph.  I go between a light jog or a fast walk, I have to hold on most of the time just to keep myself in the center but I actually sweat.    I usually follow it up with wii boxing (12-13 minutes).  Yesterday I pulled out a wii game My Fitness Coach, that I had totally forgotten that I had.  Kicked my butt. My legs were total jello when I was done.....and it was a CORE workout!  HA!

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout is the one I really, really want!  Mostly because it focuses on boxing.

Anyway.  As I was folding laundry this week I was chatting with the Lord and wondering what quantity He designed the stomach to actually hold from one meal.   I know that there are statistics and stories about stomachs being stretched from over eating and that it is supposed to expand a bit at meal time, then there is the reduction issue....but what was it really designed to hold?  How much, in quantity - not calories, quality or points but in actual volume/weight?   I had just eaten lunch and while I only ate 7 points I realized that I shouldn't have eaten the container of raspberries I did at the end.  About 20-30 minutes later I was beyond comfortably full and had that "I ate too much" feeling.   So this started me thinking and talking.  In general, even if its healthy, we can consume too much food.

So I googled and basically found that a healthy human stomach should only hold about 20 oz or 1 liter.  WOW.  Think about that!  If you are eating fast food, your drink alone is probably that much!  Then, consider that the carbonation actually expands your stomach.   On top of that who knows how much the burger and fries weigh, not to mention the calories.

So.....guess what I bought.

Yup......I bought a food scale.  I already had one of those little tiny plastic ones but it only went up to 12oz.  This one goes up to 5 lbs I think.  It zeros out so you don't have to count plates or bowls, which is handy.  So I've added this to my food routine.  To keep me aware of what I'm consuming and making sure it's not excessive - despite zero points.   

Extra workouts.
Measuring portions and counting points.
Weighing meals.
3 20oz bottles of water a day
2 cups of loose-leaf green tea a day.....okay I'm trying on this one but am not consistent.
And most helpful of all - Mr is helping me avoid temptation by not enabling me.  Random suggestions to pick up food on the way home - even if everyone is starving - have stopped.  He has quieted outbursts for spontaneous trips to the ice cream shop.  He has been SO wonderful to listen to what I need to keep going....which has more to do with what NOT to say than what TO say.  That has been so incredibly helpful!

Total lost since October 24th: 6.8
Total left to lose by April 16th: 43.2
Week #3 done.  Hooray -2.2!  But now I leave you behind and focus on the next -2. 

Blessings to you for a motivated and encouraging week, 
the Mrs.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

anything but flat

I have a new food love.  Sandwich flats...thins, slims....whatever name they choose to go by, I love them.  This little bundle is a bounty of versatility in a tiny 3 points each.  (forgive my sad photography)

Found this double pack at Sam's Club.  I was ridiculously excited.  Mr did not understand my glee.  But I had discovered that they are great for more than just sandwiches...

I sliced them up with a pizza cutter last night.  A light spray of olive oil cooking spray....a dusting of salt and garlic powder and a few minutes under the broiler.....crunchy heaven.  Tastes exactly like pita chips!
Look how thin they are!  Yes, I post motivational encouragements on my cupboards.....

This was the most filling and delicious concoction yet.
Again a light spray of cooking spray, a sprinkle of chili powder and a schmear of spicy chipotle humus and crisped under the broiler.  Then a layer of black beans and a sprinkle of cheese - back under the broiler. Then I piled tomato, lettuce and sour cream with a drizzle of salsa.
ALL that = 8 point dinner.  

I have also made them into little mini pizzas and am now thinking I should toast them for breakfast!  I only eat the multi grain ones because it's what I can there may be other versions that are less points.....but these have SO expanded food for me.  I love them!  

That's my foody ramble for the day complete with unappetizing pictures taken with my iTouch cuz it is SOO much faster to upload pictures that way. 

Okay I'm off to get some work done.  It has been the most off kilter week for know those weeks where just one thing at the beginning of the week just totally throws off your groove?  I'm there.  No worries you would.......I've been hauling my butt onto the treadmill even when it keeps me from doing things I should making more laundry detergent that we are out of.  The laundry thankfully is incredibly patient and will just sit there waiting for me.

Blessings of perseverance to you,
the Mrs.

we are having our first real snowflakes here today! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Have you told them?

Renee over at What's in an identity asked the question: Who has God put in your life that has made a difference and have you told them?

Immediately one person came to mind.   And yes, I have told her.

She watched me before and after school when I was a kid.  She cleaned homes for a living and often brought me with on days I didn't have school.  She showed me the basics of cooking...not that I picked up on the cooking part was why she was cooking that stuck with me.   She would make huge batches of food and put it in smaller containers.  When she went to clean peoples homes, many of the people were older, she cleaned out the fridge and left them meals.  

This woman modeled for me what it means to be a christian.  She is full of selfless love.  She was like a second mother to me.  At first I thought she was crazy.   In the morning she would bound down the hall in her night gown with a loud cheery "Good Morning GOD!!!" in this joyous sing-song voice. I was dropped off before she woke up for the day, her high school kids would leave the door open when they left for me, and I would go watch cartoons until she got up.  On the way to school she would ask me in the car - "Have you talked to God today?"

Now, I was in elementary school.....I think in first and second grade when she started to watch me.  It was a christian school but still....this kind of personal "chat with Me" God was not someone I'd been introduced to.  God was still in the stories to me but she introduced me to His Person.  I watched her and soaked it in quietly.  She never preached to me or pushed me....but she lived what she said.   She served those who were in need right in front of her, she did what she could with what she had.

Several years ago I wrote her a letter to tell her how she had impacted my life.  That her example was a model of what I now, as a grown woman with a husband and children of my own, strive for.  I learned more about what I wanted to be when I grew up from watching her than from anything I've ever done in my life.

The Lord used her to plant seeds in my young life that are still growing today.  After she received my letter, I found out from one of her daughters that this letter had a profound effect on her.  She proudly and tearfully shared the letter with her daughters, her small group and confessed that she thought she'd had no effect on anyone.  That she'd done nothing to expand the kingdom.   Knowing the effect she had on my life gave her joy and peace.  It encouraged her walk.

I was shocked at her response.  I was shocked at her self-doubt.  This was a lesson I never forgot....when someone is a gift to you....tell them.  Tell them how you appreciate them, tell them why and how they have impacted you.   Share with them the imprint they have left in your life.  Tell them often and tell them well.

Sometimes it doesn't sink in the first time....surprise has a way of dulling your ability to fully appreciate a compliment...some are just too humble to receive it all.   If you can't say I love you too much, then you can't tell someone how much you appreciate them too often.

You are appreciated.  You are loved.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for reading.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.  ~ Hebrews 10:24-25

Blessings of love and grace, 
the Mrs.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the rack

The humorous things that come up when you are losing weight.....

Sunday I posted on Facebook: "I can't see the belly beyond the boobs"?  It was hesitant and I ran it past Mr before doing it asking his opinion on the way I should phrase it....I said I felt weird using the word "boob" on facebook.....he didn't understand I posted it and had several "likes" but no "comments".  Which was fine.... cuz otherwise....awkward.   Though that night my niece came by to go play volleyball with Mr and brought me a card.  I was confused as I read: "Congratulations! All the miserable trips to the treadmill are paying off!  I'm so proud of you!"   I looked at her and she said, "You can't see your belly past your boobs, that's a big deal!"   I laughed so hard.   And....felt kinda awkward.  BUT it was the sweetest thing!

So......on that note......everyone always says that the "girls" are the first to go when you lose weight. Right?  I've heard people talk about the "elevator" and how it always starts at the top.   This has always and continues to be true for me but while I was totally prepared for that particular area to isn't.  Not kidding.

Yes, I find it funny, and yes my husband finds this to be a gift from God.....but it surely baffles me.   As the rest of me slowly gets smaller....they look bigger.  Here's the crazy catch too.....I went in to Lane Bryant to discuss the impending 'over the shoulder boulder holder' issue.   The woman who does the sizing said that if your band size, or measurement around your ribs, goes down but your "cup" doesn't lose 'quantity' the cup size actually has to go UP to compensate for the smaller band.   Wha? was my basic response, along with many confused and bewildered exclamations of how crazy this was.

It got crazier.  Then I was told that the size I would need next....they don't would be a "special order".......for real?  I mean this is a "big girl" store right?  No....I didn't say that out loud but in my head....ooooohhh yeah.....totally.   I did however tell her to remeasure me because she must be wrong.  Yeah......not so much.    I left and decided to just keep what I had until I absolutely NEED something different.....I purchased nothing.   So I am now a size that I cannot shop there for clothes anymore!  HOOOORAYYYYY!!! Yes, that was HUGE.....or less huge....technically.   But the underclothing situation will eventually hit the place where I HAVE to shop for something new......not exactly my fave shopping spree.  Why do sizes have to be so weird?

So.....anyway.....I happen to find this hilarious.    When I was skinny I was jealous that I didn't have much in the "girl" department, I gained weight and I thought the only good thing about it was that for the first time in my life I had cleavage...."like a real grown up woman", I'm losing weight and totally fine, expecting, to lose a bit up top and.........they aren't going anywhere. husband is going to be a very happy man if this continues.   I mean really.....I'm 5'3 when I get to 130lbs (my "lets see how I look and feel and then I'll decide if I want to lose more" goal) and the "girls" are still where they are at.....I have images of Jessica Rabbit and Dolly Parton in my granted, when I look down I do not feel that I am anywhere  near those sizes and I've always thought God gave me a man's rib cage by mistake BUT as a short chick.....I wonder if I'll have balance issues.

Bountiful blessings to you all,
the Mrs. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

measures of success

So here we are on weigh-in Monday.

I am less excited than I was last week, this is for sure.  After sweating on the treadmill and wii boxing every day, counting my points and contemplating their quality, drinking all my fluids and getting in that green tea.....I have a whopping .2 loss.......that I will celebrate and then quickly leave behind.

There are other measures to consider.

Yesterday I looked down......then I smiled.   I could not see my belly beyond my boobs.

Pants that once sat in the closet because they didn't fit correctly (one of those 'grabbed from the wrong pile' kind of accidents, a pair of jeans cut for someone with an indentation where a waist should be, something I did not have as I've been all kinds of round in the middle with chicken legs underneath) now.....are worn frequently....but don't fit correctly.    They sag and hang loose in all kinds of places....including that waist that was once too tight.

Collarbones, buried from site have made a reappearance.  

Thighs are shrinking so that even the jeans that fit, don't hug them as tightly.

My wedding ring is so loose I worry I'll lose it......but my mother's is starting to fit nicely.

Today I put on a size medium hoodie, my mother's, it zipped and wasn't too tight ( I'm not saying I made it look good, but it zipped easily).  When I proudly put my hands in the pockets to check myself out.....I found a coin and a tissue left in the pocket the last time she wore it......blessings.

Attitude.....the biggest measure of success so far........seeing -.2 did not discourage me.  Disappointed, sure but last week, without setting any crazy rules for myself, I made healthy choices.

I ate more fruit and veggies.
I got my treadmill pace up to 3mph, sustained for 30 minutes.
The effort I put into my work outs made me sweat, like for real sweat not just "glistening" like my mom used to call it.
The physical discipline has encouraged the mental discipline of pursuing the Lord's constant presence. The tension I felt in my spirit is lifting.....our conversations slowly extending in time.  Gentle reminders that He is still there when my mind drifts.  

My eyes are on next Monday and the next 2 pounds.  My heart is happy, I am encouraged and motivated!
Hello -.2, thanks for dropping by!  I'll have to leave you behind, I'm on to the next week and the challenge ahead, I've no time to look back if I'm going to charge forward!

C'mon Jesus, lets go!

Blessings of abundant joy to you,
the Mrs.

Friday, November 4, 2011

on track

just a quick note

I feel jazzed today.....not as in "jazz hands" though I'm in a mood where I would.

Third day in a row of getting my rear on the treadmill and doing a session of wii boxing.  In. A. Row. People. My house is suffering from my divided attention BUT my temple is thriving.

I'm already on my 3rd bottle of water - yep the detox stuff I posted yesterday - and I'm feeling energetic and motivated.

Why is it that after only a short time doing any sort of physical activity you suddenly feel like you are walkin around like superman?  "See my new muscles?"   I know the changes I feel are not visible yet but I'm glad that I feel motivated.  I've caught myself thinking that since I doubled my goal last week I want to bust that one out this week....or on the opposite end that if I don't reach 2lbs it's no biggie because last week was awesome.   BOTH ways of thinking are bad...I am trying to remind myself that last week is over.  The only goal I am to think about, consider, strive for is this weeks goal 2 lbs.  That's it.   No comparing or looking back or making excuses.  Only this week matters.  Eye on the prize!

The only prize I have in mind is to get rid of this gut and recognize myself in the mirror again.  Encouragement and striving forward to reach the goal is where my focus must lie.    And with that the Lord places this verse on my heart.....

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that isset before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.   ~Hebrews 12:1-2

Blessings of persevering energy to you, 
the Mrs.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

detox water

yep, I'm going to bring up Pinterest again.    I ran across something originally by Jillian Michaels - of Biggest Loser fame - that she recommended for getting rid of bloat and helping with the weight loss process.
It's easy to make and drink.  Though, when I saw it posted it did not specifically describe how much tea and the reviews were that the drink was bitter.    The ingredients are simple, dandelion tea, cranberry juice, lemon juice  and water. 
simple!.....but not the bananas... 
More specifically: I steeped one cup of Dandelion tea (found in the tea isle at Target for me).  2 Tablespoons of cranberry juice (no sugar), and 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice.  Mix this then add water to total 64 oz.  I use a 2 liter pitcher that I keep in the fridge and a reusable water bottle that I fill through the day.

The water has some light flavor but nothing too strong.  I have to share though that when I am drinking this regularly, I feel so good.  I can't explain it but I can feel a difference.  I mentioned this to my hubby who laughed and said "well, duh, you are detoxing your body.....of course you'd feel healthier."  Yup, straight to the true.

So here is one more way to get enough water in through the day, its less boring than plain water and more healthy than some packet of powdered chemicals.   Yes, you do pee more....cuz I know you were wondering.   Though when I drink this more often it levels out and I just feel GOOD. Though you do have to make a new batch every day since technically you are supposed to drink the whole pitcher each day.

I've got almost two bottles done (mine are 20 oz).   I jumped on the treadmill this morning for at least 25 minutes and then did some wii boxing.  My arms are sore from 2 days in a row of boxing but it's a good kinda sore.   I can totally feel myself crashing right now.....I haven't had any green tea today and I slept awful last night.   I think I fully woke up each time I was weird.

My brain won't focus on anything for long today so, I just thought I'd stop by and share this little tid bit since I made a pitcher today.

Have a great day!
the Mrs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sweet November

it evokes all kinds of emotions for me....

the anticipation of snow....the silent sound of it falling....

watching the snow fall, lit only by Christmas lights....

Christmas lights get me every time......this season is so full of joy for me.......nostalgic romance....

My husband and I met at the end of September.   He lived in an apartment complex that now would probably seem much less romantic.....but at 20, living on your own, independence, was quite romantic.....the complex being called Camelot only added to the romance of it all.   

The main living area contained hardly any furnishings, only one real chair and a couch that was really just a glorified cushion that folded up into a squishy couch looking thing.   A broken desk stood on one end in the corner, serving as a corner "entertainment unit" holding the TV and VCR.   One wall was all windows, stretching from the living room all the way through the kitchen/dining area.   The room seemed big from so little filling it.

We'd had a conversation about stars one night...he knew many constellations and I knew but one....the big dipper......he thought it was funny and shocking all at the same time.   Me with my snooty education knew nothing about the stars.   The next time I came......he surprised me.   He turned off the lights and led me to the middle of the big room and on one of the many bare walls in that same living room......he had placed glow in the dark stars in the shape of the big dipper with a crescent moon.

He hung the moon and the stars for me.

Cheap glow in the dark stars, stuck to a bare wall with yellow "tacky stuff"......still makes those butterflies flutter.   Those stars and the long stretch of windows....he hung Christmas lights around the inside.  Long hours of talking and getting to know each other in that room....lit only by the stars and the lights.....the windows frosted at the edges.....watching the snow fall in mountains that cars would get stuck in....including mine.  We had to search for things to use as a shovel.....laughing in the middle of the night because I was surely going to be in trouble for coming home late....

Christmas lights remind me of the magic of falling in love.  The lightness and wonder of seeing everything about someone with excitement and newness.....everything looks beautiful in Christmas light.  

Yes, I'm a romantic.  Yes, if I could have Christmas lights up all year I would.  Mr, has a rule though....they can not be lit until thanksgiving and its probably better that save it as something special, something to anticipate and not be taken forgranted.  I don't care much for the new LED lights....sure they are pretty and the color is crisp and clear.....but they offer none of the soft gentle light that I romance.   Those old inefficient lights with the color that wares off of those tiny bulbs....the strands that half light up because you can't find the one single bulb that went out.......those are the ones I love.   Efficient doesn't belong in doesn't have a place in Christmas either.    Jesus wasn't about efficient......He romanced us with simplicity, with His very nature.....because He is enough.   He is Love, romance, soft and gentle love that makes all things beautiful in it's Light.    

I can't wait to put up Christmas lights.....the more the matter how cheesy it looks.   

Blessings of His romantic love to you, 
the Mrs.