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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

but first.....about your face.....

Yes, I'm aware I have been gone for an entire week and I have bloggy things to say about my vacation and even took a few pictures and planned a post about plant based eating while away from home.

In the words of Bob the Builder...."YES YOU CAN!"......yep, I just did that.  Sorry.

So I'm back from a week of relaxation and I'm out doing my grocery shopping yesterday.  I'm smiling and casually making my way around the stores....noticing peoples expressions.

Are you aware of the expression you hold as you wander through life?  As you choose clothing or produce or just go for a walk, have you ever concentrated on the expressions that cross your face?  What do they say about you to the world you encounter?

I often find myself wondering if people are really as miserable or angry as they look.  Some of the people I saw, I smiled at....carefully, considering they appeared ready to rip the heads off of babies should they look tasty enough.  

This isn't my first foray into pondering facial expressions.  It is a recurring theme for me but most often repeated during grocery shopping.  I have often caught myself with a scowl on my face and had that conversation with myself: Dude, what is my deal?  I don't know.  Am I ticked about something? No. Sad, depressed or just not happy that I'm doing the shopping?  Uh no.  Then get your head out of your rear and let your face reflect that you actually like your life and despite any trials claim joy! SMILE!  ...and I do.  I start making a point to smile at people who pass.  Funny how the more you smile the more you actually want to.

I'm not advocating putting on a happy face to fake to the world that you are not miserable or having difficulties.  What I am saying is that if I'm going to go to the trouble to do my hair, makeup or put thought into my clothes - all of which send a message about me to the people I encounter - why not put just as much effort into the expressions we carry because they reflect more about us than any of the other things.  It also indicates our attitude......  The person who happens to be having a trial in life - whether it lasts 5 minutes or 5 years - that is focused on the trial going on and allowing the trial to color the big picture will miss every blessing that passes them by because all they can see is the big stinking wart in their life, and it will be bigger than its reality.  But the person who sees the big picture in life and chooses to give each and every blessing credit in their life will balance out the trial and put it into a realistic perspective.

It's not about the glass being half full or half empty but about noticing the beautiful glass holding the contents.

Is your face an accurate representation of who you are an what you are about?  Does it say I am loving and approachable?  Or.......gee that baby looks tasty, get out my way!  Grrrrr arg.

Don't hide who you are.  Put your real face on!

Blessings of joy that oozes out your beautiful face.
the Mrs.

PS I also do not advocate eating babies.  ya know....FYI.

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