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Monday, July 9, 2012

a sweet little monday

I have to get my license renewed today.
Tomorrow is my birthday.  I will be celebrating 36 years of living......awesome.

Humble I know.
Wonderteen and I have this running joke that I obtain awesome on many levels and the older I get the more awesome I become so one day she will inherit my awesome.  Considering our lack of biological connection....there in-lies the humor but with the whole 'nature vs nurture' thing....I say she's already got quite the touch of awesome.

A new picture to carry around of myself for the next 4 years.  It could be lame.  BUT I think I shall think of it in terms of improvements.  As in the picture of myself I'm required to carry around and show people from time to time will be an improved picture.  Less one chin no less.

I plan on trying to get the grocery shopping done today as well and maybe tomorrow I will drop on over to "the boutique" as my mother used to refer to Goodwill, and see what kind of goodies I can find.  I've been pinterest shopping like crazy lately and for all my effort my closet hasn't changed one bit.  Funny when you realize in the last 10 years you have gone shopping only with a serious plan in mind to only purchase specific items out of necessity.  Then you try to put an outfit together to do something you haven't had to think of in who knows how long and you realize you are fairly limited in your options.   Then you get there and you get a band shirt.   All that agonizing for no reason.  But ya got a new shirt! :)

The sun is shining and it isn't hot enough to melt your face off, so I'm going to enjoy this day for what it is instead of what it was.  It's a beautiful monday, and there are no complications or sick people or dead people or anything crazy.

I am loving this beautiful, normal, boring, nothing out of the norm day.

This face, is a happy face today.

Blessings for love and sunshine in all the normal mundane beauty,
the Mrs.

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