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Thursday, August 2, 2012


The month I love and drives me crazy.

As a creature of habit, large swings to our normal activity tend to throw me off.  August means talks of school come up more and more often.  All those projects that have been procrastinated on get put into motion so they can be done before school starts.   Activities tend to slow down and Wonderteen is here for the whole month (instead of the every other week summer routine).  We look forward to August.  The Dude dreads when it ends.  He absolutely adores his sister and the feeling is mutual.

August is a humorous blend of love and crazy.  LOVE the talks and the nearly endless laughter.
The lack of silence, down time and structure....make me crazy.  Which adds to the laughter.

LOVE the way my kids get along.
By next week I will start hearing things like "back off", "stop touching me","get away" and "get out of my room" for the first time all summer.......driving me crazy.   But secretly, I'll love makes me laugh and smile about how rare those moments are for them and how one day those moments will turn into stories they'll laugh at.

Love the sweet teenage rambling....always wanting my ear for things from big to small to "what on earth are you talking about!?"
The constant auditory stimulation driving me a bit crazy.......

Love the changes and plans that come up.   Whether its decorating (shifting bedrooms, painting, a piece of furniture needing to be replaced etc), planning for a new school routine, shopping for school supplies or clothes or this years favorite of mine - planning a whole new style that reflects who she is and who she wants to be. .....and that she wants my help.   LOVE.  yes. feels like a lot to try and cram into one month while still trying to maintain the regular things that need attention not to even begin to mention the other random activities clogging our weekends.

August is when the art of balance and humility is tested.  Grace needs to be handed out like candy at the fair.  While we as a couple and parents try to grasp a few quiet moments together and cling to our sanity, we also need to strive to remember that for our kids August is a month of hesitation, anticipation and intensity.  The hesitation of what a new year might bring, the anticipation of daily seeing friends and the intense need to cram in as much crazy and fun as they can handle before heading back into the structure and work of school.  Combine that with all the hormones and you easily get to the crazy part.

August is all about the crazy love.  We all know we are a bit crazy but we love it.

Blessings of crazy happy love to all of you,
the Mrs.

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