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Monday, March 21, 2011

Joy. It keeps the crazy away.

Today is a day where my plans and my agendas needed to be thrown out the window.

I was hoping that it would be a primo "Monday after spring break".   Spring is emerging here and the sunshine brings such goodness it fills up my spirit with motivation after the l.o.n.g. snow before thanksgiving long, extensive, dark winter.  Did I mention it was long?

I happen to like Mondays.  It's like a reset button.   I use the day to clean, take care of laundry, plan the groceries for the week and make sure that we all start the week filled up and prepared.   The Monday after spring break ~ that's a special kind of reset button.   Its a BIG button.   The messes are bigger, the groceries are lower and the mountain of laundry is higher.   Not to mention that no one is happy about getting back to school and work......except mom. :)

Today however was not a reset day....not as I planned.    Half of today was spent on the phone discussing discoveries of broken character issues with the Teen.   Oh the drama of it all.....   Thankfully the Lord gave me a great dose of peace and the Teen's "my two moms" put our heads together on how to approach this new situation.

That was deviation number one.   Dominoes anyone?

I had a whole other situation weighing on my mind before that phone call came in.   All that the Lord has been putting on my heart about my role as a woman in my family and in the church came into use.   I was asked to participate in a unique opportunity within the church.  Flabbergasted and honored as I was it really put my feet to the fire to choose the Lord's will or man's.   In the end, after discussing with my husband and seeking the wisdom of a wise female friend in the Lord, I turned the opportunity down.

I think the Lord can use our No just as much as He can use our Yes.   In the end I had an opportunity to share my thoughts, and heart, the scriptures that brought me to that place and I was able to be an example of walking out what the Lord is pouring into my family.

Hmm......funny how He takes our requests and puts them to use.   Not long ago I asked the Lord to help me to be more consistent in my life.....I meant being consistently in the Word, consistent in routines and not slacking on the job.....apparently what I got was an opportunity to be consistent in my faith and in my walk.   Perhaps I should have been more specific.... :)   The Lord has such a sense of humor!

I feel very at peace with today and received wonderful affirmation from my wise friend.   My home on the other hand......still needs a giant reset button.   Nothing has been tended to as it should and I have a headache looming.   I will chose to smile through it and get done what I can.   I may not have been productive in the work of my hands but the time spent in careful contemplation, discerning wise choices with a trusted friend and honoring the Lord by standing firm in the truth......this is good spiritual productivity.  Not a wasted moment there. These are growing moments to be paid attention to, breathed in and allowed to settle.

Time to plug in the iPod and crank up my Jesus Culture play list.

Let those who delight in my righteousness shout for joy and be glad and say forevermore "Great is the Lord, who delights in the welfare of His servant!"   Ps. 35:27

Blessings of sunshine and warmth to you!
lovingly, the Mrs.

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