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Monday, October 31, 2011

week 1 - Score! and other awesome stuff

So - weigh in day!  Am I smiling?  You bet yer sweet bippy I am!   What was that goal again?  Minus 2 pounds?
Are you sitting down?  -4.4   HELLLO!  Yes.  Yes and double freakalicious yes!  I did not know I had that in me.....which apparently is now to speak.

I spent the week reminding myself that two pounds was hard.  I set up reminders to drink 3 20oz bottles of water a day and two cups of green tea - always loose leaf cuz 1, it just tastes WAY better and 2, it IS much higher quality for less and I can feel the difference.   I stopped adding sugar to the tea....cuz that's a whole extra point.  So even though I enjoy it much more with the sugar, I will drink it without and hope my taste buds get the picture....if not, I'll just chug it like medicine.  It is SO worth the effect it has.  

Exercise came easier than I expected - but I think it's because I didn't make a plan or a rule....ah rebellion, take that......I was on the treadmill at least twice and even did some wii fit boxing a couple of times.  It's not much but it's something!   Food and portion was my concentration.  If I got hungry between meals I searched for fruit.  I bought grapefruit because's yummy and those acids just do good things in the gut.

OH - and I made this:
frozen banana bites - yum!

Pinterest strikes again.  Lovely, perfectly ripened banana's dipped in smooth milk chocolate with a dusting of mutilated walnuts.   I say mutilated because I took a metal ice cream scoop and beat them to a pulp.  :)  With the ingredients that I used each bite is only 1 point...but 5=4 points which is just even more awesomeness.   

So now - back to this weeks goal - 2 lbs.  I'm excited to see what I can accomplish because I never thought I would more than double it but what an awesome way to start!  

Tonight we are going out to dinner and to a movie.  I'm excited to have fun with my guys and the Dude has no idea we are going out and ending the night seeing Real Steel.  He's gonna love it!

I'll try to be back tomorrow....I know I am not good at this daily thing but I'm trying. 

Have a wonderful day, however you choose to spend it!
Blessings and less fluffy love, 
the Mrs.

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  1. YIPPEE!!!! *\0/* WOOHOO!!!!
    I am PRAYING I hit 20 pounds tomorrow at my WW weigh in. It has been coming off SO slow....I am frustrated and this 1 pound a week is driving me batty! I only need to lose 1.2 pounds to hit my goal for the week! I jumped on the scale this morning and saw 1/2 a pound UP from last weigh in. It is seriously doubtful, but not impossible...I think I was holding water.
    Keep it up and let us all know and share in these milestones with you!
    Thank you for the prayers concerning today. It has gone surprisingly well...


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