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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sweet November

it evokes all kinds of emotions for me....

the anticipation of snow....the silent sound of it falling....

watching the snow fall, lit only by Christmas lights....

Christmas lights get me every time......this season is so full of joy for me.......nostalgic romance....

My husband and I met at the end of September.   He lived in an apartment complex that now would probably seem much less romantic.....but at 20, living on your own, independence, was quite romantic.....the complex being called Camelot only added to the romance of it all.   

The main living area contained hardly any furnishings, only one real chair and a couch that was really just a glorified cushion that folded up into a squishy couch looking thing.   A broken desk stood on one end in the corner, serving as a corner "entertainment unit" holding the TV and VCR.   One wall was all windows, stretching from the living room all the way through the kitchen/dining area.   The room seemed big from so little filling it.

We'd had a conversation about stars one night...he knew many constellations and I knew but one....the big dipper......he thought it was funny and shocking all at the same time.   Me with my snooty education knew nothing about the stars.   The next time I came......he surprised me.   He turned off the lights and led me to the middle of the big room and on one of the many bare walls in that same living room......he had placed glow in the dark stars in the shape of the big dipper with a crescent moon.

He hung the moon and the stars for me.

Cheap glow in the dark stars, stuck to a bare wall with yellow "tacky stuff"......still makes those butterflies flutter.   Those stars and the long stretch of windows....he hung Christmas lights around the inside.  Long hours of talking and getting to know each other in that room....lit only by the stars and the lights.....the windows frosted at the edges.....watching the snow fall in mountains that cars would get stuck in....including mine.  We had to search for things to use as a shovel.....laughing in the middle of the night because I was surely going to be in trouble for coming home late....

Christmas lights remind me of the magic of falling in love.  The lightness and wonder of seeing everything about someone with excitement and newness.....everything looks beautiful in Christmas light.  

Yes, I'm a romantic.  Yes, if I could have Christmas lights up all year I would.  Mr, has a rule though....they can not be lit until thanksgiving and its probably better that save it as something special, something to anticipate and not be taken forgranted.  I don't care much for the new LED lights....sure they are pretty and the color is crisp and clear.....but they offer none of the soft gentle light that I romance.   Those old inefficient lights with the color that wares off of those tiny bulbs....the strands that half light up because you can't find the one single bulb that went out.......those are the ones I love.   Efficient doesn't belong in doesn't have a place in Christmas either.    Jesus wasn't about efficient......He romanced us with simplicity, with His very nature.....because He is enough.   He is Love, romance, soft and gentle love that makes all things beautiful in it's Light.    

I can't wait to put up Christmas lights.....the more the matter how cheesy it looks.   

Blessings of His romantic love to you, 
the Mrs.

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