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Monday, October 3, 2011

So much for consistency! I said I'd be writing more about life in general and not limit myself why haven't I been on?

I am still not in the swing of the season. Strangely it's taking longer than usual BUT I have pulled out my schedules again and am going to get back on track.  I have seen so many people have routines in their Homemaking binders, or whatever you may call yours, and they all vary so much.   I came to the conclusion that a rotation worked best for me.  So I work with four sheets, one for each week of the month and I have four sets - one for each season.  Because lets face it, I'm not gardening in February when there is 5 feet of snow outside.
I also got myself a day planner....hmm....maybe I mentioned that far I feel like it's helping.  As the kids get older and with my Mr's work stuff I need to keep things organized or something will fall straight off the radar!
Here's my schedule and day planner.  I have a copy of my schedule in my binder (of which I now have two! - one for home and one for family) but the ones I use are in plastic sleeves and held together by a metal ring.  That way I can move them easily from place to place without messing with my binder but still keep track of what I need to be doing.

I am in an epic fail cycle with weight watchers.   Before school started I took a break from counting and managed to hold still for nearly a month....then....September hit and I just seemed unable to get back on track and I couldn't figure it out.  Now we are in October and I have regained about 5lbs - 5! It may not seem like much but considering where the weight goes and my 5'3 frame - they are visible.  TOTALLY visible and they mock me.  Lame.   SO, I had some sort of light bulb moment and realized that my fairly extensive vitamin regimen was off.  I hadn't taken vit C in weeks and a couple of other things were I wondered....and then I read some random link between hunger and vitamin C levels and figured, what the heck! SO I reordered and restocked - and guess what just came to the door!

Yup those are all mine.

I've never been so excited to pop pills. :)  Hopefully I can get my body back to feeling normal - for me - and crack the whip on points and getting activity in daily.  Something has got to give!  

On other notes - today is the 13th anniversary of the day I married my Mr.  All those years ago people didn't think we'd make it.  It was silly for us young 21 and 22 year olds with a little one to think we could be grown ups.  But we did it. Today I am so proud of our story.   I am so thrilled and blessed to have had a front row seat to watch what the Lord was going to do in our lives, how He was going to grow my Mr into such an amazing (not to mention smokin hot) man of God.  Our anniversary is so cool because it's also the anniversary of us becoming a family.  I got a package deal - wife and mother in one swoop!  She's gone from my punkin head to my wonder teen - she went to homecoming last weekend!  Craziness. 

Happy anniversary to the most amazing man I know.  I could not have dreamed up a man as wonderful as God has made you.  I am blessed to be your wife and with each year I fall more deeply head over heels for you.  I love you so much!

I'll be back......hopefully sooner than later.... :)
the Mrs.

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