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Monday, October 10, 2011

just another manic monday........

OOOOO, ooh, ohhhhhh

SO today I am babysitting my great-nephew.  He's nearly 4 and a super talker!  He is hilarious.  We have already debated the yummyness of boogers - I took the con side.   Discussed what monkeys eat - apparently they swing from trees to pick and eat corn.....cuz that's where the corn grows ya know.   Then he made me laugh hysterically when he started a rendition of "brown chicken, brown cow" from the backseat.   Oh this kid is funny FUNNY!   And he quite obviously picks up on anything said around him.

We have gone to the grocery store - wow, I haven't done that with a toddler in a LONG time!  He's a good kid tho so it wasn't too hard....just lots of questions and remembering to keep the cart just far enough away from things to keep him from grabbing them.   Now we are in a Disney movie marathon.

So today, I'll try to get some laundry done and my plan is to get chili going.   I just know my Mr will be overjoyed at that one since he's been asking for it. :)  Babysitting throws me off just a bit but I think I compensated well by tackling most of my grocery list last night, so it's one less thing on my list today.  Oh man....just realized I haven't even written today's to do list down or flipped the page to this week in my planner.....see....penny on the railroad tracks.  Derailed already!   Oh well!   It's a joyful derailment! :)

Random mention here: I have to say that Pinterest has totally made coming up with new meals easier.  Not to mention keeping track of the recipes!   I am horrible at writing things down especially when I'm in a hurry but with this, I can peruse when I have time and then just pull it up when I'm ready to cook or make my grocery list.

Alright - time to gather up all the clothes and then get some lunch going!

Hope you are all starting off your week feeling blessed!
Blessings and love,
the Mrs.

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