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Monday, December 12, 2011

Weigh in Monday 7 - on to the next set of 10s!

My Monday mojo is groovin today, I am SO ready to get this week started off right.  Last week was anything but productive as I still have junk and projects strewn about unfinished and I think we know how my insanity level skyrockets when there is clutter......oh yes, I think we do.

So I've got a catch up list going and I don't know that I can get it all done today but you can be darn tootin sure I'm gonna try.  Yeah....I said can giggle....I am.

SO - on to the main topic of this fine day!

I scored a -1.2 this week!  Which frankly leaves me feeling VERY happy due to my poor decision making on Saturday night.   We made homemade pizza for dinner.  Gluten free pizza crust from a mix and my choice in toppings was great - nice thin layer of sauce, chopped green pepper, diced tomato, sun-dried tomato bits, green olives and a very very thin layer of finely shredded cheese.   What I didn't take into consideration is that portion wise, while it was a small pizza, certainly personal size and the crust was was probably twice the amount I'm used to eating in one sitting and normally at least 50% of what I eat is a vegetable or fruit.

So I ended up feeling like my guts were made of iron for the rest of the night.  The next morning, Sunday, I'd actually gained a pound (from the previous Monday's weight) and spent yesterday thinking I'd messed up my whole week with one meal.  I worked out for about 2 hours - 100 minutes on the treadmill and some wii boxing. I carefully monitored what I ate and when we went out for dinner last night with friends, I asked for: White rice, asparagus and sauteed mushrooms.  When I got it, I cut up the asparagus into small bites and mixed the whole lot together.  It was actually very good!  Filling and few points.

I would have been happy with even one pound lost so to have gone over that is great!  Now this week I need to learn from that and make sure that in every plate of food I am careful to monitor my portions.

Stats so far:
Lost this week: 1.2 - bringing me to 169!!!  Yay 60's!!
Total lost since start of WW (5/23/11):  23.2
Total lost since October 24 (new goal new attitude): 12.2    (well isn't that interesting? I've lost half my total since I adjusted my goals and attitude, in less time than the first half....hmmm)
Total left to go: 39

And the mini goal was to hit a total loss of 29lbs by December 26th, leaving 5.8 lbs to lose in order to meet that goal.   Can I do 5.8 in two weeks? That's a short term goal of -2.9 two weeks in a row!  Holy cow.  I guess we will see!

It is really cool to see the stats like that.  I get frustrated that my middle isn't shrinking as fast as the rest and therefore not exactly showing my progress well.   My support and encouragement is coming primarily from my husband because....apparently its frowned on to compliment a woman on her weight loss?  I don't know.  My poor Mr has been in so many awkward situations where he gets these over the top compliments and I get nothing.  He wants so much for me to be encouraged and he is doing an amazing job of encouraging me!  I am eating up all the compliments he is showering on me.  I love it!  We all know though, that getting a compliment from outside the home - from people who don't see you on a daily basis, the difference should be really noticeable right?  - it carries a different significance to it.  It's like verbal proof of the accomplishment so far.  I guess I just get to look forward to those moments...  So far, they just aren't happening.   I was discouraged yesterday.....well, maybe not discouraged but a little wounded, after one more of those awkward moments.  A kind friend tried valiantly to save it and it was still a tremendous jab.  At some point, someone will have to notice.  Right?

On to the next 2 pounds!  Last week is behind me and it's time again to strive forward toward the next goal!!

Blessings for a motivational kicker Monday!
the Mrs.


  1. You are doing SO good! Your pizza sounds like a good choice! I had a homemade pizza too...I used a whole wheat tortilla as the crust and I am afraid I used more than a thin layer of cheese, but it was also loaded with veggies and I made sure I had the points for the cheese. I ate the whole thing!!!! The bloat ifeels like it is going away some and my body is not detoxing as much....I don't stink by noon! LOL I am HUNGRY though....especially in the mornings and early afternoon. So far today I have had 8 of my 26 points for the day. Only breakfast is behind me. :( Sodium is the watch point for me today. Since I weigh in tomorrow I want to keep that down. I had that 1.2 pound gain last week and I want to lose that PLUS more....I think it will be a long shot, but I am shooting for it. I HAVE to motivate myself to get on that treadmill or plug into that Zumba again. I just have no motivation to workout :(
    My husband told me the other day, "Don't turn sideways. I lose sight of you. You're becoming a stick figure!" LOL What a funny guy!!!

  2. Thank you thank you! I usually use a whole grain tortilla or a sandwich flat for a pizza and this was bigger, more dense...I should have only eaten half. Oh well! But it WAS SO GOOD!
    I feel the hungry you are talking about as well! I try to hit a banana or half and apple randomly through the morning and afternoon. It helps to have something solid but Zero points. I've read that people eating a plant based diet need to eat more often but that is the way we are supposed to eat anyway I guess. :) Force yourself on the treadmill anyway that you can - tv, movie whatever! I think it's the starting that is the hardest. Once it becomes habit you feel the boost and know that it's helping and THAT makes it much easier to keep going! :) You can do it!
    LOVE those compliments from your hubby!!! SO CUTE!

  3. My treadmill is in the basement....I don't think it is even hooked up, but I need to ask Sweetheart to do that for me again. It is an old dinosaur and is loud, but it runs smoothly and goes up to 10 mph with a nice incline to it. I have a nice big TV in my sewing room down there.


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