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Monday, March 5, 2012

weigh in monday 18 - inching forward

A whopping -.2 today but it's in the right direction.  I am grateful for forward momentum, however small it may be.  I feel like the pain is under as much control as it needs to be for me to get moving again.   My left shoulder is still in that "move me the wrong way and it's gonna hurt" groove but for the most part it feels fine.   So I now feel like I can put effort into moving again.

Everything is an opportunity right?  So here is my opportunity to start afresh - again - and move forward.  No looking back.   That is something that the Lord seems to remind me of so often and has really been using this weight loss journey to firmly implant this lesson.   Move forward.   Eyes on Him.   Looking back should only be to reflect and learn how to move forward more effectively....not to brood on past mistakes or pains.

The reduced movement allowed my mind too much time to roam.   This too is a good lesson.   Activity is good for the mind as well as the body.  I don't ordinarily turn on the TV during the day but Netflix called my name more times than I care to fully calculate.   My body did get it's rest but my mind didn't really need so much.

Back on the wagon again.  I managed 2 hours on the treadmill last night and it felt good to be back on that routine.  I'm off to the races.....which would be my lists for all things needing attention this week that didn't get it last week.  

Blessings on your week for fresh starts and forward momentum,
the Mrs.

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