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Monday, March 19, 2012

weigh in monday 20 - fresh start full of opportunity

+1   ridiculous.  

Mr's personal challenge has become a family least for 3 of us.  The Dude has the same shape I do, chicken legs with a round belly over top.  He is very into doing things "as a family", that's his phrase.  So we've all discussed it and all three of us will participate.  I've done some "ideal weight" research for his age/height/gender and he only has about 13lbs to lose to hit his range.  

The goal will be 5lb increments to hit a reward.  $30 or 1 item - whichever is more - and we shop as a family for said reward to celebrate.  The dude will be the only one who can bank his reward to double it at the next 5lbs (there are some spendy Lego sets he has his eye on!).

This is going to be good on so many levels!  We will be working as a team and teaching our son about nutrition as we go, finding ways to work out together and defining what true health is BEFORE he hits middle school.  I think our language and dieting model has been good, he seems to have a good image of what foods are "healthy" but this will be a whole new interactive level of learning.   I'm excited for this.  Not just on a "weight"/body image level but the opportunities for conversation and bonding as a family before that season in life where kids start to pull away and feel that they can't talk to their parents.   

What a blessing this will be!

We haven't set out time frames or anything but Mr and I will have our goals and Dude will have his, not competing with each other but cheering each other on and encouraging good habits!

It's a good Monday people....even with an extra pound.......I think it's all St Patty's cream puffs by the way...I made them gluten free and they were heaven.....all 800 of them....   Okay maybe not 800 but it sure was close! :)

Blessings to you for setting and achieving your goals!
the Mrs.

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