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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a brief ponder....

I just noticed I'm approaching 1000 views.

Not exactly sure how excited I should get.....while still thinking that it's pretty darn cool.   What does one do when they reach such a number?  A little dance?  Buy myself something pretty?  A simple thank you?  This is unknown territory.

on another note - I have been trying to abstain from negativity....there is just so much of it everywhere.
Be the light you want to see.
I said.
What happens when you put that out there?  Negativity comes knocking on the door, dancing and shakin its rump right in your face.  And in your dreams, by the way.  I'm attempting to fight my way through and not engaging in conversation where there is opportunity to join in on the party.   All yesterday afternoon I opted to not answer my phone.....which may or may not have been wise considering people kept calling and then NOT leaving a message.

What else is my answering machine for?  It needs work people....otherwise it will just sit there and get fat.  No one wants that.

Blessings to us all for the mental discipline to fight the negative nelly's of the world, 
the Mrs.

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