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Monday, February 6, 2012

weigh in monday 14 - the super birthday bowl bash

What a busy day it was yesterday!   Our boy turned 11!  He woke up to a room that had been flooded with balloons in his sleep and streamers in the hallway and living room, happy birthday banners up in doorways.....  I expected an excited response of how it freaked him out when he woke up or how cool it was...instead, what I got was: "That was so kind of you guys to do that for me."   I was speechless at how genuine and mature this statement was....and it was coming from my child.   I stumbled through a "we wanted to do something fun to surprise you" and again "it was so sweet of you guys mom, to blow up all those balloons and put up all the streamers".  Again, on the day of his birth....I'm reminded of the gift he is.

When we got to church the worship team sang him a special ho-down version of happy birthday during rehearsal.   He got lots of happy birthdays, hugs and high-fives.   He felt very grown up getting his first "$5 foot-long" sub....even though he, responsibly, only at half of it. "Best birthday ever".

And today......he's home from school sick with a gut ache and sore throat. The couch and blanket will be his monday.     Mine, will be clean up and planning for the rest of the week.

Weigh-in wasn't too bad considering the birthday treats and the super bowl food.   -1.2 today.   I was hoping for a bit more but I did get at least a taste of everything in yesterday and realized that the sloppy joe (homemade, from scratch - not a can, and a whole wheat bun) was not the best idea considering I spent a couple hours just trying to maintain focus and not seem totally out of it.   That would certainly throw off things a bit today.  half or even a quarter of one would have been a better choice.

I'm exhausted today but it's time to make a plan for the week and move forward.  Time for lists and the abundance of dishes from yesterday to be tackled and prepare for the upcoming birthday celebration for the Dude.   We decided that attempting to have a birthday party on super bowl weekend was not the brilliant choice.  Lacrosse game, sleep over and party to plan and prepare for.....hopefully those RSVP's start coming in!

Hopefully this has been coherent because I don't really feel all that coherent.   I see lots of green tea in my future today.....good thing my order came in last week.  Sweet timing.

Blessings to you today for a productive day full of drive and endurance for the race ahead,
the Mrs.

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