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Friday, February 3, 2012

"cuz yer hot"

So apparently there is a down side to downsizing.

When your husband is late to work because he hit the snooze button too many times....he's late "because you're hot".

It's becoming an excuse for a lot of things.   The compliment wrapped in humor used as a distraction from whatever the question might be.

I'm not buying what you're selling, Mr.

Though I will confiscate it and use it for motivation to get on that treadmill.

But don't think that I will believe that you forgot to do the dishes because my 'hottness' distracted you.

I'm not yet halfway to my goal weight so you better get a hold of yourself or when I actually get there, you'll be a drooling mess incapable of completing a task.  We can't have you getting fired because your wife is hot.  This, would not be good.

Am I the smallest I've been since about when we got married?  Yep.  But do you remember when we met?  Think on that my love, and no, I will not eventually fit into your pocket. Sorry.

It is funny what happens when you downsize.  More sass, less....well, you get the point. Though the downside is that when goofing with Mr it's a whole lot harder to stand my ground.  I used to be able to, at the very least, push hard enough to get him to take a step back...(picture a Yogi and Boo boo moment), he can kinda just pick me up and move me.  Granted that's kinda fun too in a "sweet, I'm less fat" kind of accomplishment.

I don't really care that valentines day is coming up.....lately......every morning I wake up feeling like it's valentines day.   We might be the mushiest couple that I know but I have more gratitude in my heart, than I have words, for what the Lord has done in our marriage.  I can say that in the last 6 years, each new day finds me falling more in love with Mr than I was the day before.

Who needs valentines day when everyday you have your valentine?

Blessings of abounding love,
the Mrs.


  1. I LOVE this!!!! It is awesome!!
    My husband told me a while ago, "Don't turn sideways....I can't see you when you do!" LOL They keep it interesting.


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