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Monday, February 13, 2012

weigh in monday 15 - fail

SO I'm up 1.8.   Lame.  I'm supposed to be moving closer to my 30lb halfway mark not farther away!  It was a crazy week, I got a cold and made excuses that I didn't have time for the treadmill and didn't count much.  I was busy and most days couldn't place the treadmill as priority but where there is a will there is a way and obviously there wasn't much of a will last week.

Time to make this week better.   hmm....I think I said something like that last monday.....

Valentine's day tomorrow.....I'm thinking I'm not going to be the star valentine.   Mr went out and got himself new golf shoes and his clubs re-gripped.  Why do men do these things right before a holiday?  Its like going on a shopping spree right before Christmas.   So I don't know what do do now but I'll have to figure out something...I can't tell you what because HE READS THIS.   Crazy man.

So I'm cutting this short before I say the wrong thing and give whatever little thing I do away.

Ah...laundry beckons.....and weekend birthday party dishes I was too tired to do.   I need a vacation from my weekend.  And a nap.  maybe two.

Blessings of mushy, squooshy love,
the Mrs.

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