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Thursday, February 2, 2012

story time

Once upon a time....not so long ago....there was a young girl.  It was the early spring in her life and all around her was grey, appearing lifeless.   She wondered if anything would ever bloom.  Would life always be so dark, so endlessly tiring?  Fruitlessly she searched within her own power to change her surroundings.  An iron fist had no power.  A nagging voice, no effect.  The melodramatic sigh of dissatisfaction brought forth no melody.

"Turn around." a Whisper came.

Time and again the Whisper called but she'd forgotten the familiar voice she once knew and waved it away as nothing.

Alone in spirit, grieved and afraid of her future the girl wondered about the choices she'd made.  Tears too frequent a companion and too little a comfort, her will finally broke.  The Whisper came again....stronger.

"Turn around."

And she did.  The Light shone on her darkness and she was no longer afraid.

"Fear not for you will not be ashamed."  came the whisper that washed over her.  "I, the Lord your Maker will be your husband.  I have called you, like a wife deserted and grieved in spirit, with great compassion I will gather you."  she imagined this was how the raging storm felt when Jesus calmed it with a word.....the stillness of it.

A simple command followed: "Talk to me."

So she did.  She started talking all the time.  They laughed and they walked together.  She talked.

Her heart poured out to Him and all the hurt, dreams and wishes poured out.

"Ask." came the new Whisper.  So she did.

Lord, keep us safe.
And He did.

Lord, give my husband a new wife....and let it be me.
And He did.

Lord, open his heart to going to church.
And He did.

Lord, make him yours.
And He did.

Lord, help us to feed our family and pay our bills.
And He did.

Lord, give us a new home.
And He did.

Lord, save my marriage.
And He did.

Lord, help his work...prosper him.
And He did.

Lord, make my husband a godly man and a godly father.
And He did.

Lord, let him love me like You him how.
And He did.

Lord, I love You.  Make me worthy of all Your gifts.  Help me see them and never overlook them.
And He is.

She looked around and all the world is in bloom.  Time to grow, is what was needed.  Patience and the Hand of the gardener.  While she talked and shared, He was Whispering to others.....growing and tending to them as only He can.   She needed to let them grow, in their own way and time....their soil was different.  Their needs, different.   In His hands, all grows to perfection in His time.

"For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but My steadfast love shall not depart from you, and My covenant of peace shall not be removed", says the Lord who has compassion on you.
~ Isaiah 54:10

Blessings of His never ending love, 
the Mrs.

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