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Monday, April 2, 2012

weigh in monday 22? - I'm starting to lose track....

Today's weigh in was stellar......compared the last, well, several.  -2.4   I feel like I'm back on the wagon.

It was an intense week of way too heavy things to process and it knocked the funny right out of me.  In fact I am exhausted.

Though....I am in desperate need of shorts to cover up my chicken legs.....or uncover them...  I get way to hot to wear pants when it's like 60 degrees out.  Though the interesting revelation is that my hypothesis may be correct.

The more weight I drop the more likely I am to wear something skirty, dress-like or feminine in a non frilly kind of way.   I need to work on this front pouch and it's flattening.  The trouble with carrying all your weight in one area is that eventually you are a bit like an impractical've got the pouch but it's completely useless without an opening.   Kinda like those suit coat pockets they sew shut, they're just for looks......but.....the opposite.   Cuz this don't look good.

Anyhooo........time to rifle through my pin boards looking for ways to "flatten that tummy", "get rid of that pooch" and etc.

Currently I don't believe there is enough caffeine in the world to keep my eyes open.  I'm looking forward to sleep but there is just too much to do.

In other calendar is taunting me.....the original deadline for my goal are right there with the flip of the page.   No way to make it now unless its surgically removed or God removes it......preferably while I sleep Lord, I know You are reading.

Blessings for an amazing week and perspectives that point out all the good bits in every situation,
the Mrs.

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