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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the most un Christmassy Christmas EVER

According to the rest of the world we are supposed to live in the frozen tundra of the north.  People say "Minnesota? It's so cold there! Don't you get like dozens of feet of's like Canada right?"

Well, at this is as brown and gross as ever.  Not a trace of snow.  Temps are in the 20's but we were actually stuck in the 50's with RAIN for a while.  Last year we had a foot of snow for thanksgiving.  Mr has pointed out that the lack of snow has really brought out the lights.....its hard to drive down a road and not see several houses lit up this year.  They were few and far between last year because the snow was so early.

The Dude has taken his plea up with God.  This morning he came out, said good morning and then said "I asked God to make a blizzard last night.......He didn't return the favor."   HA!  Had to explain that there wasn't a favor to return but he wasn't totally awake so he gets a pass for that one.  Still funny tho!

But seriously.....people are getting snow everywhere and we are stuck in this brown, dead wasteland.  Christmas must be white!  There must be an abundance of snow and slippery roads to complain about!  Snow balls and ugly boots needed so we can't wear our cute shoes.   THIS is winter people!

Winter is the Dude's favorite season.  He LOVES the snow, the more the better.  He doesn't really slide or do any winter sports but there is something about the snow - he just adores it.  Lord, if nothing else will you please dump some snow on us just for him??  Maybe do it at a time and in a way that shows him that you heard HIS prayer??  Otherwise he's going to continue to drive me crazy! :)  

This week continues...lots of cleaning and some baking to be done.   I got the DVD The Nativity Story from Netflix for us to watch before Christmas.  As a parent I struggle with explaining things in a way my son can understand.  I am looking forward to seeing how he processes this movie, the questions that he might come up with.....the conversations that it might inspire.  Perhaps moving his faith into something more personal.....he is a technical kid.  Literal and specific.  His faith is still in the details, more knowledge than relationship.

I'm excited to see what else is birthed this season.

Well, I'm off to TJ's today for hopefully the last trip of my own and then back home to clean, work on laundry and make more toffee, chex mix and probably some cookies.....or at least the dough.

Blessings for a fresh, new, swaddled faith this season,
the Mrs.

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