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Monday, December 5, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 6 Sweet mammajamma!

Well, howdy doo to you this very fine morning!

Currently there are beautiful fat snowflakes drifting down from the sky here.   Which only adds to the sweetness of a goal matched and smashed.   Ready?


Yes, that's right, after a couple of off weeks I think I'm back on track.  And you know what else makes it sweeter than sweet?   I am but mere ounces from seeing numbers in the 60's.  

I can remember the last time I saw numbers like that......approximately 11 years ago Mr and I did the Atkins diet and I got there.   Then I got pregnant with our son and didn't see that number again until I'd nursed away the baby weight.   Granted as soon as the nursing stopped the weight seemed to come on like someone had opened the hoover dam.

It's funny how we remember certain things and their association to certain places in our life.  I was certainly not this excited about those numbers the first time around.  I am relishing each new destination this time.  Each week I am getting closer and closer to a new version of me.  A healthier more confident version.

My treadmill TV show was Felicity. I just finished that series up.  What I will miss is the theme song that they adopted for the final 2 seasons.   "I need a new version of me" is one of the step picked up each certainly was appropriate.   Time for a new series to walk/jog my way through.  I'm testing out "Parenthood".  

Anyhoooo....thanks for being here for my little celebration because now it's over....there are new goals to accomplish people!   One of which is picking up speed on that Mill of Tread.  I managed a sustained run at max speed for about 3 minutes.   I so impressed myself that I am starting to incorporate 1 minute bursts of running into my treadmill time.  Time to bump up that intensity right!?

Blessings to you wherever your journey finds you, right now, here in this moment,
the Mrs.

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  1. I am in ROCK girl! I LOVE Parenthood and I loved Felicity when it was on. Did you ever watch Lost? That is 6 years worth and SO good!
    I had a bad week...very, very, bad. I stayed in my points all week and STILL gained 1.2 pounds. Since I started in August (on the 2nd) I have only had one gain and that was 2/10ths of a pound. ONE POINT TWO...that is HUGE. I am praying it was water and next week will see at least 3 pounds gone. I wanted to cry.


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