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Monday, November 21, 2011

weigh in Monday - 4 grr arg but YAY!

Happy Monday!

So....weigh in today didn't go as well as I'd hoped BUT it went in the right direction.  Baby steps, right people?
Today was a whopping .8 loss.....I was tempted to re-weigh myself 30 minutes later to see if I could eek out another .2 and at least say it was a full pound way that timing would have allowed that this morning.

BUT! Wait there's more!

What I did realize is that my .8 has brought me down to my lowest WW weight to date!  Can't believe I'm putting this out there but wiser people with math skillz could probably put it together without much effort.  Grr arg, I am .6 shy of my 10%!  BUT...
That means I have lost a total of .........(yes I'm getting out my calculator, stop laughing) 18.4 lbs!  yeah....I'm currently 173.6.

I can remember the last time I weighed that.  I can remember the day clearly when I stepped on a new scale in a blue bathroom and saw 177 and nearly fell over.....right after I checked to see that it was working correctly and stepped on the scale about 3 more times.

YAY!  I'm almost at 10% and will KICK that goal in the rear as I charge past it this week!  YAY!  I now weigh less than I did when I realized that I'd gone past "gaining a few pounds" and officially reached fat.  (I know for many, that is not what it means for YOU - lets not focus on numbers - for my frame and height 5'3, this IS what it means FOR ME).  I look forward to the day that I'm not in an "obese" category.

For now I am celebrating the little the fact that I am SO close to wearing size medium tops....that I can thrift for clothes easily and actually find things in my size!  Cuz seriously....who doesn't like both clothes and crazy cheap prices?  I can say "gosh I so need a belt or I'm going to lose my pants" and actually mean it.   I can give away clothes because they are TOO BIG!

Slowly but surely, I am getting there, step by step.

On to a whole other YAY.  A parental one.   Yesterday at church we were proud blubbery parents.  We attend a very small, second campus church.  It's only a year and a half old and the congregation is maybe at 100 on a good day.  Sunday school classes are small and the upper grades have a max of 6-8 kids in 3-5th grade.  Our Dude is in 5th grade and has become the class pray-er....for lack of a better term.  We were asked to start working with him to formulate a prayer to be prayed over the Operation Christmas Child shoe-boxes they were assembling.  I showed him an example and then he wrote his own prayer on a note card.  Before service started he showed his teacher and the worship leader overheard their conversation.  He asked to read it and then asked if he could read it to the congregation before the children were dismissed to class.

We had both already read the prayer, we had already told him how proud we were of him.  But then the worship leader prefaced his reading the Dude's little purple note card with how important it is to listen to the children.  How he had overheard the conversation and asked if he could read it to everyone.  The Spirit moved as he read it and we both welled up as our son ran up on stage at the end to get his note card back and go to class.  Our son's commentary......"Its a pretty special day for me."

I will leave you with this angelic prayer for the day...typed with errors and everything. :)

Dear God,   Thank you for putting Christ in our bodys with generousity and Grace.  Please help our gifts show them the love of Jesus.  So that they will be able to give you thanks no matter what. Help us do the same.  Thank you for all you have done for us.         Amen.

Blessings of the warm gushy variety,
the Mrs.


  1. I will be THRILLED if I get .8 is a good loss. I had a BIG lunch today in my misery over Thanksgiving...14 points (A tuna sub from Subway) so I have to be very careful at dinner!
    Your son's prayer was so beautiful.
    Thanks for the video on facebook. fb keeps logging me out so I couldn't comment, but I loved it!

  2. Oh Bren I totally know what you mean! I think my screw up was sunday. It was a crazy day of more running than usual. I too had a 6 in sub, I was so tired but I totally should have just made my own instead of all that bread! AND...I had a whopper Jr at lunch after church...granted it's 9pts which in the grand scheme of things isn't HUGE but still - both on the same day? Not a good idea! :) Glad you liked the video. I love that worship group, they really sing true worship songs and they get me every time! :)


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