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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a mixed bag

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I've been planning a post about preparing our homes for more than the holidays.  Touching on how scripture and prayer in our homes goes beyond art and ritual and the effect it has on the people   who live and enter into our space.  Life on the other hand has offered some distractions....

The Dude has been fighting this cold bug for what seems like an eternity.  A few days of a light cough and sore throat (no trace of a fever), a tummy ache here and there and then he's feeling better and back to normal.....until a few days later.  This has been going on for about 2 weeks.  Not one symptom has raised the doctor flag so we've treated with rest, juice and some elderberry and zinc lozenges...a little echinacea dropped in his apple juice and then he's raring to go again.  Until this week.  Stayed home from school yesterday.  Today he tells me that he feels way better and his throat doesn't hurt so much anymore.....and TODAY he actually has his first fever!  Granted it's only 99.5 but still.   How weird is that!?  I'm foregoing the fever reducing meds today so that hopefully this fever will kick those germs to the curb for good finally.

On top of that I now feel strange....kinda nauseated and blah.   I'm hoping it's just some phase in my cycle and not an actual illness.   Wouldn't that just figure though....the day before thanksgiving?  Wouldn't be the first for me.  It's actually happened several times where I've missed some holiday because I've gotten sick and because I am so careful (probably too much so) about germs and passing them on to people.    I do not appreciate when people assume that the rest of the world has no issue with the simple cold and put no care into who might catch it.   

I learned how important this was when my mother went through chemo and was so susceptible to germs....I've also had plenty of my own health issues and tend to pretty much catch anything I encounter.  So simply because I so appreciate when others are careful, I do the same.  Or at least try my best!

One of my favorite tricks is that when someone gets sick around here they get their own bathroom towel.  One towel goes up over the shower curtain and the other goes on the towel rod.  When the kids were little they got those Velcro towels for the stove, on the inside doorknob to the bathroom.  I also separate the toothbrushes into glasses with water mixed with either hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.   Those things have helped immensely in containing illnesses.

Yesterday I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives it's about an hour and 30+ minutes.....I watched the whole thing on the treadmill.  It was SO interesting I believe I totally forgot my legs were moving.  So now I'm totally considering eating less meat. was THAT compelling that me, someone who believes that bacon is "meat candy" is considering phasing out meat.   I do not plan on forcing my family into this but I do hope to start incorporating some vegetarian meals or at least something they can use as a side dish to start experimenting.   With the genetics I have inherited for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other things...I feel I should take the science presented in the film seriously.   I've already phased out chemicals and processed foods so this shouldn't be too hard....over time.  Nothing happens over night.

Time for a walk on the mill....nothing too strenuous since I'm not feeling 100%.  I've got a goal to hit people!  

Blessings for a beautiful thanksgiving and an overwhelming awareness of how truly blessed you are, 
the Mrs.

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