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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

and I was doing so well....

...okay so I just missed is Wednesday right? feels like a lot longer has gone by since Monday.

Today my son his home sick from school.   Nothing big but when I ask the question "do you think you can make it through a whole day at school?"  and his answer is "no".  I know he really isn't feeling well.   He is the most honest straight forward kid I have ever met.  If he didn't want to go to school, he'd say "I don't want to go but I am not sick enough to stay home, I can go."  Not kidding.   This boy epitomizes "rule follower" the letter.   I love it and him.  It can be amazing, frustrating, inspiring and hysterical to have such and honest and literal child.....I wonder if this is what I was like as a kid?

Anyway.....I have gotten my workout in for the day and even made a trip to Goodwill to search for "sock hop" clothes for Mr.  I think I may have found something but not entirely sure.   I did however find a few tops for myself while I was there.   It is the coolest feeling to go through a random rack of clothes and know that SOMETHING will fit and flatter!  It's not such a huge search anymore!   I can shop pretty much anywhere right now.   No need for a special "plus size" store or section anymore!

Currently I'm able to wear a top in a size Large - sometimes a Medium! (that's down from a pre-weight watchers size 14/16)  I don't know numbers yet tho...   Jeans or pants....I'm not entirely sure yet.   I have one pair of jeans that actually fit and look nice on, they are a size 15 from the Jr's department (which is down from a 16/18 in the plus size stores).  

I am short and carry all my weight in the middle on top of chicken legs - picture a tomato on toothpicks.

The waist area is taking its sweet time in melting but there are beginning to be signs that there really is a rib cage under there!   I still have no waist or hips to speak of....really more of a block.  BUT that will change in time! :)

So there's my check in for the day.  I'm struggling to stay on track and get things done in a timely manner but working out is throwing things off.  Mr told me in no uncertain terms that I am not to put housework before working out.  My priority is supposed to be me and whatever I need to do to keep going and he will help with whatever doesn't get done.  Isn't he sweet!

Time to hit the showers and get ready for him to come home with Wonder Teen.  It's our weekly Wednesday night visit before she goes to church.

the Mrs.

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