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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

today is brought to you by the letter T

This morning my son left for his school Trip.  He is such a laid back kid.  He has never been nervous for anything.  He is always ready for an adventure and I always have to say "Hey! You can't go without hugging me goodbye!"  He always laughs at me. :)   First day of preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade or first time off to camp...every time I got a casual "bye mom!" and I had to tell him to hug me.   Now at 10, he's done this enough that I too am fairly casual about it.  I still require a hug but I thought it was quite funny that every adult I encountered this morning thought that I should be a mess.   My thoughts are that I am getting a mini vacation, I can work on the abundant list of projects and Christmas shopping to be done and in the evenings, we get to actually see what it's like to not have kids!  Every parent needs refreshment, we just take ours however it is offered.

Next I helped my dad bring his Christmas Tree out of storage, along with all his decorations.  As he gets older the help is much appreciated and so much easier on him.  Now he will work his way through setting things up as he has the time.

At lunch I made myself a Tasty veggie sandwich!  I toasted a sandwich flat in the oven (little spray of oil and a sprinkling of Mrs Dash Table blend and garlic powder), layered it with mayo, thin sliced dill pickle, cucumber, lettuce, spinach and tomato.  YUM!

When it was time to change so I could workout, I found that a particular puppy (she's a year old Yorkie) had hidden Terds under our bed.  Needless to say I was none too pleased and she was in quite a bit of Trouble. She tends to either hid the evidence or eat it......either way it's gross.   Of our three dogs she fits a "youngest child" descriptor....wild, crazy and always into trouble.  We never had this much trouble with the older two.

Once that was cleaned up I headed straight for the Treadmill to try and accomplish ONE thing that this day was supposed to do.   The whole first day is gone and not one thing in my house got done.

Time to shower and get ready for my Mr and my WonderTeen to come for dinner.  Tonight's menu: Stuffed shells!  I'm looking forward to it.   After, it will be list making time.  ToDo and ToShopFor.  

Tomorrow is a new day and it's full of possibilities!

Blessings to each of you for a beautiful and peace filled night,
the Mrs.

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