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Thursday, November 10, 2011

anything but flat

I have a new food love.  Sandwich flats...thins, slims....whatever name they choose to go by, I love them.  This little bundle is a bounty of versatility in a tiny 3 points each.  (forgive my sad photography)

Found this double pack at Sam's Club.  I was ridiculously excited.  Mr did not understand my glee.  But I had discovered that they are great for more than just sandwiches...

I sliced them up with a pizza cutter last night.  A light spray of olive oil cooking spray....a dusting of salt and garlic powder and a few minutes under the broiler.....crunchy heaven.  Tastes exactly like pita chips!
Look how thin they are!  Yes, I post motivational encouragements on my cupboards.....

This was the most filling and delicious concoction yet.
Again a light spray of cooking spray, a sprinkle of chili powder and a schmear of spicy chipotle humus and crisped under the broiler.  Then a layer of black beans and a sprinkle of cheese - back under the broiler. Then I piled tomato, lettuce and sour cream with a drizzle of salsa.
ALL that = 8 point dinner.  

I have also made them into little mini pizzas and am now thinking I should toast them for breakfast!  I only eat the multi grain ones because it's what I can there may be other versions that are less points.....but these have SO expanded food for me.  I love them!  

That's my foody ramble for the day complete with unappetizing pictures taken with my iTouch cuz it is SOO much faster to upload pictures that way. 

Okay I'm off to get some work done.  It has been the most off kilter week for know those weeks where just one thing at the beginning of the week just totally throws off your groove?  I'm there.  No worries you would.......I've been hauling my butt onto the treadmill even when it keeps me from doing things I should making more laundry detergent that we are out of.  The laundry thankfully is incredibly patient and will just sit there waiting for me.

Blessings of perseverance to you,
the Mrs.

we are having our first real snowflakes here today! 

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