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Monday, November 7, 2011

measures of success

So here we are on weigh-in Monday.

I am less excited than I was last week, this is for sure.  After sweating on the treadmill and wii boxing every day, counting my points and contemplating their quality, drinking all my fluids and getting in that green tea.....I have a whopping .2 loss.......that I will celebrate and then quickly leave behind.

There are other measures to consider.

Yesterday I looked down......then I smiled.   I could not see my belly beyond my boobs.

Pants that once sat in the closet because they didn't fit correctly (one of those 'grabbed from the wrong pile' kind of accidents, a pair of jeans cut for someone with an indentation where a waist should be, something I did not have as I've been all kinds of round in the middle with chicken legs underneath) now.....are worn frequently....but don't fit correctly.    They sag and hang loose in all kinds of places....including that waist that was once too tight.

Collarbones, buried from site have made a reappearance.  

Thighs are shrinking so that even the jeans that fit, don't hug them as tightly.

My wedding ring is so loose I worry I'll lose it......but my mother's is starting to fit nicely.

Today I put on a size medium hoodie, my mother's, it zipped and wasn't too tight ( I'm not saying I made it look good, but it zipped easily).  When I proudly put my hands in the pockets to check myself out.....I found a coin and a tissue left in the pocket the last time she wore it......blessings.

Attitude.....the biggest measure of success so far........seeing -.2 did not discourage me.  Disappointed, sure but last week, without setting any crazy rules for myself, I made healthy choices.

I ate more fruit and veggies.
I got my treadmill pace up to 3mph, sustained for 30 minutes.
The effort I put into my work outs made me sweat, like for real sweat not just "glistening" like my mom used to call it.
The physical discipline has encouraged the mental discipline of pursuing the Lord's constant presence. The tension I felt in my spirit is lifting.....our conversations slowly extending in time.  Gentle reminders that He is still there when my mind drifts.  

My eyes are on next Monday and the next 2 pounds.  My heart is happy, I am encouraged and motivated!
Hello -.2, thanks for dropping by!  I'll have to leave you behind, I'm on to the next week and the challenge ahead, I've no time to look back if I'm going to charge forward!

C'mon Jesus, lets go!

Blessings of abundant joy to you,
the Mrs.

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