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Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 can only get better right?

Its been one heck of a week.  Whatever hit my gut last week did a real number on my body and the recovery has felt like a roller coaster.   Each time I thought that I was clearly feeling better it wasn't long before I would get hit right back down.   Today is as consistent I've felt in a week.  No where near 100% but I do feel that at the very least I can function and get a few things done without needing to lay down.  THAT feels good!

Today one of my missions was to get some thoughts organised for the coming week.  I've got two goals for our home - 1) get the house in order - working order, 2) take down the decorations.  This will be my work filter.  No veering off to deep clean a room or reorganize anything.   This week is all about the basics.  Getting into a routine, clearing up clutter and all matter of things that have gone by the way side while mom has been sick.   Mr and the Dude have done an amazing job of taking care of both the house and me.  I am so grateful that they respect what I do and try so hard to not let things pile up!  The help has been wonderful!  But as we all know, when someone else is taking care of our work space things can get shifted around and put back not quite how we would do it and it takes some readjusting to get our space back to where we can work efficiently.  I decided I would need to set a couple of goals to keep me on track as well as to keep me from over doing it.

In other news, it was middle school instrument night this week.  I can't believe the Dude will be in middle school.....baffles my mind how that tiny boy has grown so fast!  So he's wanted to play the violin for a few years now and we just haven't gotten there.  Now he had his first real opportunity to play a host of instruments and see what he thought.  There were teachers and instructors there to show the kids just what to do - how to hold their hands, play notes, etc.  There was a string room, a brass room and a wind room.  SO many instruments!!!   He fell in love with the bass.....we were so surprised!!!  It's SO BIG!  It was a near tie with the violin and the instructor said he was very natural with them both and quickly figured out how to play "hot cross buns" and how many fingers you used to hold the strings down depending on which instrument you used.   It was such fun to see him with these instruments!  He doesn't have to make a final decision until late summer when they will do this again for the kids but he is SO excited!

Last night, Mr was out at a function and Dude brings me a ziplock bag with the most recent lost tooth in it.....ehem......he lost it over a week ago....   Our tooth fairy is fairly delinquent....forgetful and unobservant.  So he dangles this baggie and I stumble for some sort of excuse about how his dresser was so messy "maybe she couldn't find it" and he just smiles and says "Mom, you know I don't believe in the tooth fairy right?  I mean you keep telling me that if it's not mentioned in the Bible that I shouldn't believe it and I don't think God mentioned fairies in the Bible......He also didn't talk about bunnies who sneak into your house to leave candy either......"   My jaw dropped and I cracked up!!   Not one indicator previous to this moment that he'd stopped believing in either!  So he was still dangling this tooth in the air and I said "Well what a relief!  You know parents do this for their kids because their parents did it for them and wonder of it all is so fun when you are little., why are you still dangling this tooth in my face?  What do you want me to do with it now?"  D: " me for it, like all the others?" he says with a smirk.   I laughed SO hard!!!!  After he said goodnight, as he went back into his room, he yells over his shoulder "Santa was a man and I still believe in him!!!!"   Kid cracks me up.

I'll be on sometime in the morning to post on weigh in.  I'm very curious to see what happens, food has been a major battle this week with everything that has gone on.  I'm trying to drink lots of water today and flush out all the crud.   I've got my pitcher of detox water made and ready for tomorrow and plan to drink that all this week.  Mr has a holiday party for work on Friday so I need to find something to wear and get myself in shape for that.   Can't wear jeans and that is all I own!!!   Gee.....guess I need to do some shopping...oh, darn.

Blessings to you for health and wellness and a wonderfully positive perspective on the coming week!!
the Mrs.

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