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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Productivity is up

I rather impressed myself yesterday.   Not only did I catch up on things but I managed to make decent headway on my regular monday list.   It was a long work day - which was needed - but it really felt good to be back on track even with spending a regular hour on the phone with dad as well as having a visitor for just over an hour.

I only managed to get on the treadmill for one episode (currently working my way through Battlestar Galactica, which we've already watched but offers an extensive list of episodes to work through).  Shoveling didn't get accomplished but inside duties were well taken care of.

Maybe I'll finally get into that productive groove again.   This is a good start at least!

I thought I'd share something that I have found to be really helpful.   I've mentioned green tea many times.  It is SO good for you and is excellent for both energy and weight loss.  BUT all of these things are greatly enhanced when 1) you brew it correctly and 2) you use loose leaf tea.   Bags of tea are convenient yes, but they are also more expensive (you are paying for the packaging) and low quality because you are just getting the dust and leftovers from the good stuff.   Loose leaf tea can be brewed multiple times, 2 ounces can be as little as four dollars and change which is 25 cups of tea.......BUT with multiple steepings could offer you as many as 50 or more!  You don't get that from a box!  Here's where I order mine: Teasource they have excellent information on their website too.

Getting to my point....great intentions to drink more green tea do not always result in the actual drinking of more green tea!  The time it takes to stop and steep (for no longer than 3 minutes with hot but not boiling water) causes distraction for me because I must actually stop.   I have over steeped tea SO often....yes even with a tea timer....then I've needed to toss it because over steeping turns it bitter.  Finally, I've found a way to get my green tea in that takes no time at all!

oh how I love a mason jar.   This is a quart mason jar, it holds 4 cups.  I fill up my tea strainer ( I love the fine mesh ones because you don't get any of the tiny bits escaping into your tea) with a blend of a few different green teas I have.  The largest portion is of Moroccan Mint - a lovely blend of green tea and spearmint - and I steep it a little longer just because of the quantity - 4 minutes usually - add sweetener while it's still hot if you like and then store it in the fridge.  Then you have quick iced green tea right at your fingertips! 

That has hugely helped me to get in more tea.  Granted I also take a green tea supplement because its way easier but there is something more to steeped tea.  The energy boost comes within minutes and all of a sudden I am filled with the urge to move and get things done.  I am always more productive when I get my tea in.

Today is grocery day so I'm off to run in the cold and snow.  Maybe I'll actually get that shoveling done!  ....Maybe..... lol

Blessings to you today in all that you do, may you choose to be joyful in every task doing it all for His glory!
the Mrs.

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