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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Never fails....

School meeting days are like a magnet.  

The magnifying glass of irrational thought - otherwise known as PMS - never fails to show up to each and every meeting.

My stomach churns and my temper flares.......defenses go up high.

Little things that would ordinarily be small, appear bigger than they really are.

.....and there are always, curve-balls.  Always.  Never fails that something will come out of the blue that I would never have expected but on this day, it will be a big deal because I wasn't expecting it.  Not today.

At this point I should.   School meeting days are like my Friday the 13th.  

I felt peace yesterday.....calm before the storm I guess.  Today, not so much.  

I can't wait until this meeting is over.  I hope and pray that it is fast, painless and they don't talk much.

Blessings for better days,
the Mrs.

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