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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I fought the good fight... should see the other guy....he's lookin way better than me.

After my last post (is it really Thursday???) I ended up snuggling with the toilet as I was overcome by some sort of stomach bug.  I have a fairly high tolerance for pain but when it comes to vomiting.....I go from strong woman to whimpering 5 year old girl who wants her mommy, in no time flat.   Fortunately my hero came home from work (on his first day back no less) so he could pick up the Dude from school and take care of me, he also stayed home yesterday.   Which was good because I was in no shape to take care of anything.   He made sure that I had food and stayed hydrated.....he even held the glass and straw for me to drink.

Today I feel as though I went a few rounds with a prize fighter.  Did you know that if you lay across a toilet seat that the length stretches from forehead to sternum?  I do now....and have bruises in both locations, don't make me laugh because it hurts.  Kidneys and joints are sore, oh I am a pretty, pretty picture!   On the positive side....the holiday weight is gone. I'm actually down -3, to my lowest WW weight......I'm doubting it will stay off buuuut food doesn't exactly appeal right now so perhaps that was good timing.

Mr did say I was looking skinny yesterday.....(don't laugh...ow).

Blunt force trauma to the head and chest inflicted by digestive pyrotechnics....that's how I roll people.  Wonder how many activity points that's worth....

Today I am grateful that it is over.   Discomfort is SO much easier to handle.  I'm going to park myself on the couch for a while and hope that some Advil kicks in and try to get the house into a shape resembling normal.

I hope that the first week of the year has started out with a more positive bang for you, or at least an entirely different kind than mine.   I can't believe the week is nearly over already...

Blessings of laughter and health to you and yours,
the Mrs.


  1. So glad you are feeling better. I am a big baby when it comes to throwing up too. Nothing worse.

  2. Those Veggie burgers don't taste nutty to me at all. The almonds are really not a huge is the sunflower seeds, and you can taste those some, but the over all flavor is wonderful. The texture is perfect too....reminds me more of a burger. Not rubbery or mushy or dry.


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