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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a tuesday weigh in

I'm still not feeling well, so this will be quick and to the point.   I have that "I feel like I could puke but I know I'm not going to but now I kinda wish I would so this feeling would go away" kinda feeling.

I was up 1.8 this morning.   Not a great feeling but it could have been worse.

There is all kinds of things I'd like to post right now....encouraging words about how God is always there in His fullness and it is US, not Him, who needs to show up with the fullness of our faith.......goals and such for the year, thoughts on the year past.....the lovely quiet that has fallen over the house and how I JUST noticed it and now realize I have missed that beautiful silence....projects and randoms.

For now, I'll leave that as a blurb for you to contemplate deeply or simply breeze past on your way to whatever your day has for you next.

Blessings for BIG faith in the BIG God who loves you with total and COMPLETE abandon,
the Mrs.

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