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Sunday, January 22, 2012

sunday sweetness

Smile on my face all day.

The Lover and Creator of my soul reminded me personally that He doesn't just listen but He hears.  Not just my prayers for others but those uttered wishes for myself.  

The gift of worship, delivered precisely the way I needed.....asked.

A song, uttered beautifully, from the mouth of a wonderful friend.

Testimony.   Perfect assurance.  He is providing, working, and knitting together a community of people.....even if I can't personally see or feel it yet.   The ones who really need

The morning felt like a customized gift, just for me.   A sweet "I love you".

I relaxed into that.  Smile on my lips.  Tears in my eyes.  Full, warm heart.

It's been a great day.   Have I done anything particularly spectacular?  Not really.  But I worked my buns off just now.   Nearly an hour on the treadmill.  I don't run.  I don't go nearly as fast as others.  Generally I top out at 3.5 with my short chicken legs moving with as much rhythm as I can muster without tripping.  Then I moved to the wii.    Whoever says video games serve no good purpose have not met this machine.   I know there are many systems, many games.   I have not been introduced to them so I cannot speak to that but I can shout the praise of this.....this new and amazing thing.  I got it for Christmas.  Gold's Gym.  I sweat.  No, not that girly "glisten".  I'm talkin dripping, I need a towel, kind of sweat.  I got the boxing gloves to go with it....cuz basically that's all it is.  Boxing.

It's true.  When you find something that you connect with and enjoy - go for it!   Your workout will be so much more successful.  You will WANT to put more into it.   Right arms feel like lead as I am trying to type this.  I had to stop in, share my beautiful morning......and tell you:
I am seriously excited about weigh in tomorrow.
I think it's going to be a good one!  I can't wait to see how I did this week.
Also.  I wanted to share a post from a blogger that I find inspired and offers pictures of food that will make you lick the screen.   Food porn.  Plain and simple.  Its not all calorie laden, hip exploding, waist expanding  gloriousness but also heaps of favorite ones are roasted to beautiful perfection.   She has been on the journey to lose.  She lost 135 lbs and has the most healthy, well balanced view of food that I've ever encountered.  She writes beautifully and has been asked to write a book.  Today she answered a letter from a reader about how she handled slipping up on her diet.  Go read.  Be encouraged and comforted with reality.   This girl is wise beyond her years and the way she strings a sentence together is a thing of beauty.

See you tomorrow.  Sweet dreams and peaceful sleep.
Blessings of a beautiful, brand new tomorrow and all the hope it offers, 
the Mrs.

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