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Monday, January 9, 2012

weigh in Monday 10 - reclaiming the new year

After having my butt kicked for the first week of the year, I'm ready to kick back!  I'm feeling like today is the real start of my new year.  Last night it was like I could feel the breath getting put back into me.  I started slowly with lists, just gathering my thoughts for how to approach the coming week and how to edit this weeks drive to roll over into next week.  Motivation and energy started to build and eventually I'd checked nearly everything off a mini list of to-do's for last night.  Things were ready to get started for this morning - nothing was in perfect order, there are still piles of dishes to be done but what I needed was available and ready to start a regular Monday morning.

It felt so good to be in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch for my husband again.  Seeing him come up the stairs from his shower, smiling and ready to attack his day, made me feel grateful to be feeling well again.  Not 100% but getting closer.  My belly is a bit pooched and sore from the last week but weigh in this morning  surprised me and gave me just the boost I needed to kick things off!

I wasn't expecting much.  I knew that due to losing over 3lbs from illness meant that my body was going to cling to every calorie that was put back into it.  My expectation was that I'd end up breaking even or maybe with a small loss of less than 1lb.   This morning I was greeted with a -3.4!  Now granted I didn't do a whole lot of anything good to achieve that but I'll take it!  Feels like a bit of a gift after the way the week went. I will need to be careful this week because my body will still be regulating itself and recovering.  Next week will probably be smaller but once again - leave this week behind and look forward to the next goal.  The next 2 lbs.

Goals for the week:
Devo: Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon daily + Practicing His Presence by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach while waiting in the pickup line at school.
Home: Decorations down and get the house in basic functioning (and clean) order.
Diet: Daily detox water, small cup of coffee in the morning vs big mug, careful tracking and bumping up the fruit.
Fitness: work out daily- incorporate some Pilates for a few minutes each day plus treadmill or boxing (both are good but one or the other is fine this week...don't over do it!).
*Find an outfit for the holiday party!!  

Proof I'm feeling better.

I always have something on my feet but when I have a sneaker on....there is an extra pep in my step, I move a bit faster....frankly I just move more and feel more productive.   Thus, I am more productive.

Blessings to you for joyous energy in your pursuits!
the Mrs.

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