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Monday, January 16, 2012

weigh in monday 11 - getting back in the game

This morning I had no expectations.  I knew that after last week a loss would be tough.  Mentally I think I shifted my focus from 2 lbs to at the very least holding still.  The week offered way more than I expected in terms of distractions.  Shopping for that holiday outfit took up way too much time and brought me down in ways I didn't expect. (I'll leave that for tomorrow)

Many hours gone this week, I struggled to maintain just a bare minimum of what I desired to accomplish in the home.  Things got back into shape a bit, I managed to get back on the treadmill (it is AMAZING how our body takes steps back when we miss that regular activity!  I need to work to get back up to speed again.) and I also got into the new boxing game I got for Christmas. LOVE it by the way!

Anyway - this morning's weigh in was a +.2.   Not bad considering the week itself - regular eating times and routines were completely disrupted, didn't get water in the most consistent way - but I did drink lots of detox water in the beginning of the week and got in green tea too!  Will I make my end goal at this point? Probably not.  But I don't think I'll be too far off.  The fact that I can say I'm 167.6 is still a pretty big accomplishment for me.   So I'll hang on to that bit of goodness and run with it this week.

The rest of my goals....well....I won't even rehash that.  Shopping absolutely killed my time this week.  Every. Day.  Yes, it was frustrating and not too successful to say the least.

Time to plan for the week ahead and leave the past behind.  Dude and Mr are both home today, Dude is also home tomorrow.  A wonky week but doable as there isn't much on the calendar.

This week: water and working out.  These need to be consistent.  More fruit and more veg.....stop relying on sandwich flats and cheese no matter how yummy!

Blessings for smooth paths ahead and may no bump be too big to hurdle,
the Mrs.

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