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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weigh in Monday 12 - Taaadaaaaaa!

Today my WW Ap told me congratulations.   I finally hit an official 25 lbs lost! (26.4 to be exact, thank you very much)

That feels so awesome.  25 is such a nice round lovely number and seems oddly more impressive than 24.  Though I do like the sound of 26. :)

I will have to keep this short due to the fact that I am currently under an attack of laundry, dishes and snow.  Yes, finally, snow!   I realized how spoiled we've been this morning.   I drove the Dude to school and felt like I was giving him a ride in a hover-go-round....because I imagine that is exactly how it feels to glide around corners in one of those things.  I have a little car and in snow it may as well be a hover craft.  Slow going but I think that I will finally have to put our shovel to use!

Positive spin - shoveling = a workout.   Ah yes, silver lining and all.

So the scale wasn't quite as impressive as I'd hoped but -1.8 got me into a good spot and frankly each and every number of the 60's family is groovy baby.   A 1 6 5 (.8) is totally cool with me.

Awesomesauce to me aaaaaaand moving on to the next 2 lbs.   Forward focus!  Lookin back only causes a stumble.  

Time to fight the good fight, grab some green tea and slash through my to do list.  

Blessings for a feisty and energetic day!
the Mrs.

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