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Monday, January 2, 2012

weigh in monday will be brought to you on tuesday......

because I got a cold and I woke up feeling crummy so I went back to sleep and since I am very strict with the scale about what time I weigh in - because if I'm not strict it plays Jedi mind tricks on me - so I will weigh in tomorrow at the appropriate time.

I'm fairly certain that I did not lose an ounce, perhaps gained a few....ounces.....more, but I think surviving the two weeks of Christmas and New Years without gaining POUNDS and managing to hold ground is not so bad. Especially considering I didn't get on the treadmill once and I haven't counted any points at all in that time either.

I'll try not to break my arm whilst patting myself on the back for the excuses that poorly mask the denial that I did not make any efforts toward the rather hefty goal I set for Christmas.

In other Christmas was a great week here!  It was a wonderful week of family.  Both kids in the house always create lots of laughs.  We watched movies, went to movies, ate out and did some AWESOME shopping.   There is an outlet mall near us and if outlet prices are low, the post Christmas outlet prices are insanely low.  It was so much fun to take our gift cards and gifted money to the register only to find the total was much lower than we added up ourselves!  We had lots of bags and came home tired but excited.  A bonus was that I found I was fitting into size 12 jeans in some stores!  I purchased my first two pairs of skinny jeans to wear with my new boots I got for Christmas!  I didn't think they would be as comfortable as they are but I love them!  I've always been teased for having "chicken legs".  When thin, they are certainly an asset but during the round years....well, chicken legs was more truth than anything because round in the middle, ample bosom a top little stick legs.....yep, I certainly fit the descriptor.   Now, they are merging back into an asset and clothes look less awkward and unbalanced if jeans are more fitted than baggy.

FUN moment for me...not sure how the teen felt about it but....I'd been doing loads and loads of laundry and trying to sort out what went to who due to all the new items; she came up from her shower and as she walked past I asked her if the jeans she was wearing were hers.  Confused, she said yes and that she didn't put her new things into the laundry because she loves the "new clothes feel" fresh from the store.  After some comparing, we realized that we both purchased the exact same pair of jeans, from the same store, in the SAME SIZE.   This was a glorious moment for me and I don't think that she was mortified - which was nice.    Though once I keep losing I'm not sure how she will feel.....granted she is at least 6 inches taller than I so the same size on her looks WAY better and she will get all kinds of clothes from me so.....I'm thinking she may not be too upset.

New shoes, fancy tall boots, new jeans, tops and even a button down shirt - which I haven't owned or desired to wear in at least 10 years - all fill my closet now.  I love that my wardrobe has expanded a bit, options are good.   And THAT, right there is the word that sums it up the most.  Losing weight has opened up more options for me.   Shopping has actually become fun again for the first time in more than a decade because I have options.  Shoes that aren't funky tennis shoes are now an option because I have clothes to go with them.  Tops that don't have the sole purpose of hiding me, are now an option.  Belts as an accessory, are now an option.

I was in DSW with Mr.  We were going up and down the same isles dozens of times and he asked me why we were passing the same shoes over and over again.  Did I think somehow they would morph into something else or there would suddenly be a whole other shoe there that wasn't there before?   This is something I find myself doing with everything wearable these days.  I have to look at it several times....because I'm discovering my style, my options, my new viewpoint and perspective.   In the past certain items were looked at and admired but because they weren't a real option I didn't have to think about whether they would actually look good on me or if they fit my personality.....if there was any reason that I would actually wear it.  Now I find myself in the place where I do need to think about that.   Will I actually wear it and when, to what and how often?   The "price per use" factor is what Mr called it and that is exactly what I am considering.   Wasteful accumulation of clothing for the simple purpose of accumulating "stuff" is not where I want to go.  I'm trying not to allow myself to get too crazy......I mean I have YEARS of shopping to make up for!  BUT, I will not.

So Pinterest and Polyvore feed my shopping lust by helping me build a wardrobe on line and figure out what "goes" together.   I'm creating a plan and it's helping me curb my shopping.  This is good.

I'll be back tomorrow with a real weigh in post.   Today I'm just feelin yucky and crudded up, I've got some prep for tomorrow to tackle and I'm still nursing sore arms.  I've gotta change out my shoulder just refuses to handle it.

the Mrs.

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